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published by the Yoder Family Newsletter, Goshen, Indiana

data originally copyrighted by Christopher Yoder 1992,1994


These files contain a collection of Yoder family data which has been assembled since1983 by the Yoder Newsletter (YNL), P O Box 594,Goshen, IN 46527 forsubscription information). For content update, write Chris Yoder, 203 Lakeshire Rd.,Battle Creek, MI 49015 or email at apologize in advance for any typographical errors in this work. Please help us correct and extend any of the information in these records.


6 Jan 1992

The Swiss Joder Line-- As listed by Karl Joder (see article in Yoder Newsletter Number2). It can be assumed that some of the generational relationships are speculative andare supported by little, if any, documentation.It also appears that there is at least one generation missing from the following line. The YNL authors believe that relationshipsand families described are most probable from Caspar Joder and Margret Henning onward... therefore family coding is included in this segment.

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Ulli Joder m Elsi Zaugg (Zook) in Huttwil, Switzerland

Jost Joder m ?

Caspar b of Steffisburg


Caspar Joder m ?

Peter b

Caspar b


Caspar Joder m Margret Meyer

Pauli b

Balthasar b 1525 Steffisburg

Peter b


Balthasar Joder m Anna Jost

Caspar b 1548 Steffisburg


Caspar Joder m 1/17.1571 Anni Moser

Pauli b m Francis Henning

Caspar b 2/24/1571

Elsi b


Caspar Joder b 2/24/1571 m 7/4/1596 Margret Hennig.

c1- Peter b 6/5/1597

c2- Heini b 10/10/1599

c3- Margret b 2/8/1601

c4- Niclaus b 7/17/1603

c5- Barbara b 9/28/1606

+c6- Jost b 11/30/1607

+c7- Nicolaus b 3/25/1609


c6- Jost Joder m 10/14/1642 Anna Trachsel (cousin of Nicolaus's wife)

+c61- Hans b 4/21/1644

c62- Anna b 4/19/1646

c63- Verena b 9/12/1647 m _____ Rupp

c64- Peter b 1649 m 12/13/1684 _____ Stahli(?)

+c65- Jakob b 4/4/1652

c66- Anna b 7/17/1653 m 12/13/1680 Christian Blank

(Children: Christian-10/16/1681; Anna-3/9/1684; Hans-6/21/1685; Jost-5/13/1688; Barbara-12/21/1690)

c67- Barbara b 10/28/1655 m _____ Berger

+c68- Christian b 5/10/1657

+c69- Caspar b 1660

c6a- Catherin b 7/8/1666 m 1/9/1685 Hans Rupp (Children: Hans-2/6/1687; Hans-3/25/1689; Cathrin-9/1/1692)


c61- Hans Joder m 7/17/1671 Cathrine Risser

c611- Cathrin b 7/28/1672

c612- Anna b 1/25/1674

c613- Jost b 9/19/1675 m Magdalene Gerber (daughter of Hans Gerber andSalome Joder). Gutspachter in Oggersheim. Reported by Karl Joder to have gone to US. (No documentation of this)

c614- Barbara b 8/14/1678

c615- Christian b 4/9/1680

c616- Verena b 2/12/1682

c617- Hans b 3/29/1691

c618- Verena b 3/12/1693


c65- Jakob Joder m 1/9/1685 Verena Kauffmann

c651- Hans b 11/19/1685

c652- Christian b 2/6/1687

c653- Anna b 9/16/1688


c68- Christian Joder m 3/10/1684 Barbara Gerber

c681- Peter b 8/2/1685

c682- Christian b 3/20/1687 m Margret Gerber

(see "Eppstein.doc"- for the descendnats of this Christian)


c69- Caspar Joder m1/21/1681 Verena Stauffer (see "spfalz.doc" for further descendnats)

c691- Anna b 4/16/1682

c692- Anna/Ottilie b 5/20/1683 m Antoni Stauffer

+c693- Hans b 10/24/1686

c694- Christian b 2/15/1691 m Anna Maria Clauss

c695- Caspar b 9/1/1695 m Magdalene Gungerich

c696- Peter b 2/18/1700

c697- Barbara b 10/29/1703


c693- (Johann) Hans Joder m Catherin Esch of the Salzwoogerhof

c6931- Veronica b 1707 m Johann Eichelberger

c6932- Jakob b 1708 m Anna Esch (father of Samuel Joder- see "YRC" of US Amish line)


c7- Nicolaus Joder m 10/14/1642 Anna Trachsel (cousin of Jost's wife) d end of August 1680

c71- Barbara b 3/8/1644 m 1/30/1666 Hans Rupp (Children: Christian-10/29/1672; Christina-2/20/1676; Anna-10/12/1679; Jakob-1/24/1686; Benedic-9/23/1688)

c72- Anna b 4/13/1645 m 1/7/1670 Hans Berger

+c73- Caspar b 6/4/1648

+c74- Adam b 7/22/1680

+c75- Hans b 7/22/1650

c76- Magdalene b 2/29/1652 m 4/26/1689 Peter Meyer (Children: Caspar-3/30/1690; Madlen-2/5/1693; Madlen-4/15/1694; Hans-9/4/1698; Verena-3/6/1701; Anna-4/29/1703; Margret-4/25/1706; Christian-9/22/1709)

c77- Annegret b 4/10/1653 m 2/10/1673 Ulrich Russer (Children: Hans-2/1/1674; Anna-4/22/1676)

+c78- Jost b 1/13/1655

c79- Salomea b 4/13/1656 m 3/7/1678 Hans Gerber


c73- Caspar Joder m 1/7/1670 Anni Zaugg

c731- Anna b 11/2/1672

c732- Christina b 3/15/1674

c733- Margret b 2/6/1676

c734- Hans b 10/7/1677

c735- Barbara b 12/7/1679

c736- Verena b 1/28/1683

c737- Christine b 1/28/1683

c738- Mathis b 7/20/1684

c739- Caspar b 2/6/1687

c73a- Verena b 10/20/1689

c73b- Cathrin b 7/30/1693

c73c- Niclaus b 2/23/1696


c74- Adam Joder m 1/9/1671 Barbli Ochsenbein

c741- Hans b 3/10/1672 (see OleyHans)

c742- Niclaus b 10/5/1673

c743- Barbara b 4/9/1676

c744- Jost b 10/5/1679 (see OleyYost)

c745- Caspar b 9/9/1683


c75- Hans Joder m 3/9/1688 Anna Eicher

c751- Caspar b 7/28/1689

c752- Magdalene b 10/4/1691

c753- Caspar b 7/28/1694

c754- Anna b 2/2/1696

c755- Barbara b 3/13/1698

c756- Margret b 3/10/1700

c757- Cathrin b 5/28/1702

c758- Hans b 10/5/1704

c759- Verena b 4/22/1708

c75a- Elsbeth b 11/9/1710

c75b- Peter b 4/2/1713

c75c- Christian b 6/28/1716


c78- Jost Joder m 1/9/1685 Barbara Rupp

c781- Barbara b 8/29/1686

c782- Anna b 7/1/1688

c783- Johann b 1710

c784- Christian b 1712

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