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General Courthouse and Area Records

Excerpts from the Leetonia (Ohio) Reporter. Leetonia, Ohio

Copied and contributed by Sam Detwiler, 1999

published by the Yoder Family Newsletter, Goshen, Indiana
These files contain a collection of Yoder family data which has been assembled since 1983 by the Yoder Newsletter (YNL), P O Box 594,Goshen, IN 46527 for subscription information). For content update, write Chris Yoder, 203 Lakeshire Rd., Battle Creek, MI 49015 or email at
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Excerpts from the Leetonia (Ohio) Reporter. Leetonia, Ohio

- Copied and contributed by Sam Detwiler, 1999

Chris, found this in the July 21,1899 issue of the Leetonia (Ohio) Reporter I believe this Eli Yoder is YB13733. This paper often mentions Yoders in the local news. If you are interested in these I could find you more.
---- Sam Detwiler

"Eli Yoder formerly of Leetonia now of Elkhart, Indiana was seriously hurt possibly fatally by a team of run away horses."

Subject: Leetonia Reporter
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 15:49:02 -0500
From: "Sam Detwiler" <>
To: "Chris Yoder" <>

Chris I sent you some of the following, not sure if you got it , been having server troubles. Anyway I found and added some more and sending the whole thing again. Sam

Chris here is some more from the Leetonia Reporter. I put numbers where I could. Midway refers to the area around Midway Mennonite Church north of Columbiana, Ohio. Hope to get more when I find some time. Sam

2/2/1903- Mrs. Mary Yoder of Nappanee, Ind.., widow of the late Samuel Yoder (possibly YB13453)is lying in a low state of health at the home of the Yoder sisters with brain trouble. Since this went to type we received word that Mrs. Yoder has died.
2/18/1903 John H. Yoder(YB13455) returned from Nappanee, Ind. last Thursday where he had accompanied the remains of Mrs.. Yoder, mention of whos sickness and death was made here last week.

3/27/1903- A.N. Yoder(YB13727) of Montana is visiting his mother and other relatives in Beaver twp.

4/29/1903- Miss Sarah Yoder has returned from the hospital in Pittsburg,where Drs.. Lippencott and Duncan have removed one eye. Her eyesight has been failing for some time. She had been to Pittsburg for treatment in hope of saving the eye but failed.

&/31/1903-Noah Yoder formerly of Columbiana, now of Medina Co. lost his house, summer kitchen and nearly all his furniture in a fire last week.

2/2/1903-William Yoder(YB13723), of Falls City, Nebr. who was a well known carpenter in the community many years ago, is visiting friends here.

2/19/1902- John L. Yoder(YB13484) family is quarantined with scarlet fever.

11/20/1901-At the public sale of Lewis Yoder(YB1371) an ancient clock, more then 100 years old, sold for $101.50 to A.R. Grove.
1/8/1902- Sarah(Detwiler) Yoder (wife of Lewis YB1371) died Thursday, she was 85 years old.
12/16/1903- Lewis Yoder is sick with pneumonia. He is in his 90th year.

4/29/1904-Mrs. Peter B Yoder(YB1374) of East Lewistown is quite poorly with dropsy.

9/17/1902 John Yoder(YB13421) born and reared at Midway, for many years now a resident of Elkhart, Indiana died at his home in Wakarusa recently.

10/9/1900- Jonas Hoover, a hardware merchant of Nappanee, Ind.., Mr. and Mrs.. A Yoder(YB13731), of Foraker, Ind.., Mr. and Mrs.. Jacob Myers, of Nappanee, Ind.., and Mr. and Mrs.. Eli Yoder(YB13733), of Wakarusa, Ind.., were visitors in Midway the past week. (Eli must have recovered very quickly!)

John H. Yoder (YB13455)
4/27/1900- JHY has employed Abram Hall for the summer.
5/11/1900-JHY was at Greenford(Ohio) Tuesday.
9/7/1900- JHY is building a new house.
1/18/1901- Carpenters are now finishing JHY's new house.
3/8/1901- Warner & Warner are moving their sawmill to the farm of JHY, to saw lumber for a new barn.
4/5/1901- Warner & Warner finished sawing lumber for JHY's barn.
4/5/1901- JHY sold his fat cattle to E.H.Ziegler.
&/10/1901 G.W. Armstrong, of Lisbon is raising the barn for JHY today.
5/17/1901- JHY bought a horse from C.W.Lodge.
7/31/1901- JHY is the owner of a new Milburn wagon
7/31/1901- George Kridler has been the assistant carpenter at JHY new barn the past week.
8/14/1901- JHY's barn is being built by John H. Heckler. There were more mentions of JHY visiting people and traveling on business.
2/3/1904- JHY broke his leg hauling logs.
10/5/1904-The oil well drilled on JHY's farm is a duster(no good).
10/5/1904- George Bush is enlarging JHY's straw shed.

Seremis Yoder (can't place him)
1/30/1901-SY, of Greenford(Ohio), was in Midway the past week dehorning cattle.
8/14/1901- SY and family have been very sick with typhoid fever, 4 are in bed.
11/13/1901- SY is still ill, 50 friends and neighbors gathered together to do his fall work.

Leetonia (Ohio) Reporter
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 09:07:05 -0500
From: "Sam Detwiler" <>
To: "Chris Yoder" <>

Chris, here is some more, I have 2 reels left. Sam

3/21/1905-Levi Yoder(YB134541?), of Midway, sold a fine draft horse to S.S.Groner in Leetonia.

3/21/1905-Mrs John L. Wisler was called to Wadsworth, Ohio Monday evening on account of the death of her uncle, Jacob Yoder(??). Mrs Wisler and her mother, Mrs Stouffer started to Wadsworth Monday to attend the funeral of Mr. Yoder. (Not sure who this Yoder is, Mrs Stouffer was a sister in law Abraham YoderYB1372)

8/27/1906-Eli Yoder and daughter Orpha(YB137332) of Nappanee Ind. are visiting the area. The girl is deaf and goes to school in Chicago.

12/19/1906- The funeral for Lewis Yoder( YB1371) was last Friday at Midway Mennonite Church. Several families from here (Greenford) attended.

Subject: Leetonia Reporter
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 19:14:59 -0500
From: "Sam Detwiler" <>
To: "Chris Yoder" <>

Chris, only 1 reel to go, Sam

1/16/1907-S.W. Yoder(I think this is Seremis Yoder) of Locust Grove visited Midway. He is in improved health
4/28/1909-S.W. Yoder visited his cousin John L. Wisler.
2/1/1907-Osta and Oscar Yoder were entertained by Grandma Ewing Saturday. (I believe these are children of S.W. Yoder)

1/17/1907-Lloyd Yoder (YB137331?)of Nappanee Ind. is visiting the area.
2/1/1907-J.M.Knopp and family accompanied Lloyd Yoder to see the sites in Salem Saturday, including the potteries.

2/12/1907-John H Yoder(YB13455) and sisters went to New Springfield to visit their cousin, Mrs.. Shearer
5/22/1907-A company has been prosecting the sand of the Gilbert farm and has secured the right of way through John H. Yoder's farm for the switch to the PFW&C RR.
4/22/1908-The Natural Gas Company is pulling the drive pipe from the well on John H. Yoder's farm. The well is some 4 years old.
5/13/1908- John H. Yoder and Jacob L. Weaver left yesterday for a weeks visit to Elkhart, Ind.

6/25/1907-William Howe is a helper on the Levi Yoder(YB134541) farm.
6/25/1907- Levi Yoder is having his barn painted red by Henry Oehrle.
7/2/1907-A large corn crib has been built on the Levi Yoder farm. Henry Oehrle is the carpenter, William Howell the boss architect and Levi Yoder the assistant architect.( I think this was an attempt at humor)

6/25/1907- Mr... and Mrs... A.N. Yoder(YB13727) of Butte City, Mon. are visiting friend and relatives in East Palestine and Beaver township.

Subject: Leetonia Reporter
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 14:22:06 -0500
From: "Sam Detwiler" <>
To: "Chris Yoder" <>

Chris, This pretty well wraps it up. I might come across some more as I study it looking for more on my family. If I do I send it to you. Sam

S.W. Yoder is Seremis from the 1st e-mail I sent. I believe he is either a son or grandson of Peter K Yoder(YB1347). I'll try to check the census and make a connection

12/7/1910- S.W. Yoder is making the rounds dehorning cattle.
1/181911- S.W. Yoder spent last Thursday with his uncle Jonas Wisler
3/2/1911- S.W. Yoder made 1834 pounds of butter from 6 cows, can anyone beat that?
6/14/1911-S.W. Yoder is building a new straw shed.
7/26/1911- Social held at S.W. Yoder's last Saturday was well attended. Net proceeds were $37.00

I believe Oscar and Osta are S.W. Yoder's children
8/2/1911-Oscar Yoder has begun taking lessons in telegraphy in Washingtonville.
5/10/1911-Miss Osta Yoder has typhoid fever

2/14/1912-Willis Yoder(YB134733) of Falls City, Neb is visiting S.W. Yoder. 2/28/1912-Willis Yoder spent 6 weeks visiting with relatives, has returned to Falls City, Neb. His parents were from Beaver township but moved to Nebraska years ago.

11/15/1911-Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Weaver and daughter Mary have returned from visiting Mr. and Mrs. David Yoder(YB13473) in Falls City, Neb.

2/6/1912- Miss Ada Yoder (dau of YB13484) from north of Columbiana is helping Mrs John L. Wisler during her illness.

8/16/1910-Many friends remembered Levi Yoder's (YB134541)birthday with postcards. He wishes to express his sincere thanks to them
Chris here is and article about Henry Oehlrle who worked for Levi Yoder and was mention in the last e-mail

Charles Gongaware 40 was killed instantly and his son Coyle 13 was fatally injured. Henry Oehlrle 25 had both legs broken and was badly cut. A west bound freight hit their automobile driven by Oehlrle. Oehlrle had borrowed the automobile from W.S.Seederly and drove to the Gongaware home where he invited Mr Gongaware to accompany him to Youngstown. The accident happened less than a 1/4 mile from the Gongaware home.
Chris, I want to correct an error in some of the info I sent you. There was an item about Elias Reed dying and I said he was a son-in-law to Lewis Yoder. I was thinking he was married to Mary Yoder, Lewis' daughter.Actually he was married to Mary Blosser a 1st cousin to Mary Yoder on her mother's side. Lewis' farm and Elias' farm were next to each other.

Sam Detwiler

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