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General Courthouse and Area Records

Pennsylvania German Marriages

These records were extracted from Pennsylvania German Marriages compiled by
Donna R. Irish (c) 1982, Genealogy Publishing House.

Marriages in Berks County

North and Southhampton Dutch Reformed Church
Page 33- Johannes Yodder widrí Fronica Iselmyn (OH)
m. Anna Rosina Leedee 25 Apr 1711 by
Rev. Paulus Van Vlecq

Marriages by Rev. Frederich Rothenbuehler
Page 334- Yoder, Peter (OH14) -Eva Levan 7 Dec 1762
both from Berks Co.

Trinity Reformed Church
Page 396- Yoder, Esther Ann (?d/oOH11132)
m. Reuben V.R. High 10 Oct 1854
Page 398- Yoder, Amelia (OY4592) m. Benneville Harbine
4 Feb 1860

Trinity Tulpehocken Reformed Church
Page 170- Yoder, Charles (AL43) m. Sarah Yeiser
16 Apr 1843
Page 179- Yoder, Carolina (AL45) m. Isaac Brown
11 July 1857

Falkner Swamp Lutheran Church, New Hanover Twp,
Montgomery Co, Pa
Page 560- Joder, Mary Ann m. 6 May 1838
John Rhoads
Page 564- Joder, Joseph m. 5 Mar 1843
Annetta Glaize
Page 567- Joder, Benevill (OY45b) m. 12 Jul 1846
Sarah Thomas
Page 569- Yoder, Elisíh m. Henry Kepner
7 Jan 1849
Page 570- Yotter, William of Douglas Twp. (YB2567)
m. Mary Ann Gresh of Douglas Twp. 21 Oct 1860
by Rev. Wendt
Page 577- Yoder, Hannah of Douglas Twp (YB2566)
m. Ruben Beitenman of New Hanover 18 Jan 1862
Page 580- Yoder, Susan E. of Boyertown
m. Wm. F. Boyer of New Berlin 1 Dec. 1866
Page 580- Yoder, Hettie A. m. George H. Smith
12 Jan 1867 prob. Both of Norristown by Rev. L. Groh
Page 583- Yoder, Thomas H. (AR5)
m. Catherine Ritter 12 Oct 1871 by Rev. L. Groh
Page 583- Yoder, Mary L. m. Samuel Weisner
8 Jan 1874 by Rev. L. Groh

Tohickon Reformed Church
Page 424- Yotter, John (YB24) m. Susanna Sauder
13 Jan 1824

Schwartzenwald Reformed Church
Page 62- Jotter, Johannes (OY43) m. 23 Dec 1788
Fronica Emmerich of Rockland Twp.
Page 64- Jotter, Susanna of Oley (OH141)
m. 3 Nov 1789 Daniel Hoch
Page 65- Jotter, Jacob (OY13) m. 2 Mar 1790
Catharina Biermann Oley
Page 66- Jotter, Esther of Oley (OY16) m. 25 May 1790
Johannes Cunis
Page 68- Jotter, Anna Maria of Oley m. 21 Jun 1791
Jacob Vogt
Page 70- Jotter, Abraham (?OH135) m. 18 Nov 1792
Hannah Lies Oley
Page 72- Jotter, Esther of Oley (OY49) m. 14 Jan 1794
Isaac Bertho
Page 76- Jotter, Catherina of Oley (?OY174) m. 21 Jan 1797
m. Daniel Wetner
Page 76- Jotter, Jacob (OY45) m. 28 Feb 1797
Anna Maria Bertho
Page 78- Jotter, Samuel (OH321) m. 21 Apr 1799
Elisabeth Wahl (?) Oley
Page 82- Jotter, Hannah of Oley (OH1111) m. 27 Dec 1801
Jacob Knab
Page 83- Jotter, Abraham (OY44) m. 26 Sep 1802
Elisabeth Breyvogel
Page 83- Jotter, Esther of Oley (OH1327) m. 2 Dec 1802
Henrich Schreckengast
Page 84- Jotter, Johannes (OH145) m. 1 Sep 1803
Catharina Levan Oley
?Page 86- Jotter, David (OH134) m. 8 Jun 1805
Catharina Hoch of Oley
Page 87- Jotter, Hannah of District Twp (OY421)
m. 4 Jun 1805 Abraham Mensch
Page 87- Jotter, Johannes (YR177) m. 20 Jul 1805
Frany Rickebach of Bern Twp.
Page 87- Jotter, Catharina of Bern (YR179) m. 28 Jul 1805
Johannes Hertzler
Page 90- Joder, Elisabetha of Oley (OH132) m. 24 May 1807
Samuel Meyer
Page 92- Jotter, Samuel (OY413) m. 6 Nov 1808
Esther Robert Oley
Page 93- Jotter, Susanna (OY416) m. 23 Apr 1809
Wilhelm Weitner

New Gos. Ref. Church.
Page 592- Joder, Elisabetha dau of Jacob of Rock (OY46)
m. 21 July 1779 Ludwig Graber s. Andreas of N. Gosh.
By Rev. Joh. Theob. Faber
Page 593- Joder, Abraham (YB25) m. 15 Apr 1794
Elizabeth Maurer both from N. Gosh. By Rev. John Faber

First Reformed Church- Lancaster, Lancaster Co, Pa.
Page 224- Jotter, Anna of Leacock (YR163) m. 3 Nov 1789
Peter Scharff by Rev. John Wm. Hendel

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