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General Courthouse and Area Records

Will for Jost Yoder

Transcribed by Richard B. Yoder, West Chester, Pa- 1997


From Philadelphia Registry of Wills

244, F267


In the Name of God amen

I Jost Yoder of the County of Philadelphia husbandman begin very sick and weake in body but of perfedt mind and memory Thanks be given unto god therefore calling unto mind and the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men one to dye do make and ordain this my Last will and Testament; that is to say pemierally and first of ---- all I give and Recommend my Soul into the hands of god that gave it = and for my body I recommend it to the Earth to be buried in a Christian Life and decent manner at the discretion of my Executors, nothing doubting but at the general Resurrection I Shall Receive the same again by the mighty power god = and as touching such worldly Estate where with it hath pleased god to bless me in this Life I give devise and dispose of the saem in the following manner and form. Inprimis it is my will and I do order that in the first place al my Just debts and funderall charges be paid and satisfied =

Item. It is my will that my dearly beloved wife Elizabeth Shall have the full power and authority over all my Estate both Real and personall what is Left after my decease of Pay to have the free power during her Life time = but if in cause my said wife Elisabath should marry again then she shall have the third part of my Estate both Real and personal;

Item. It is my will that my well beloved oldest Son John, Shall have my plantation land and Improvement thereon after my wifes decease to hold to him his heirs and assigns forever: But after the decease of my wife, my Land and Improvement thereon my will is Shall be prized by four Credible men what it is worth: and then the money what my Land is prized with all the moveables and Cattles shall be equally divided between my Sons and Daughters =further it is my will that when my Land is prized after my wifes decease as aforesaid my Said for John and his heirs shall pay favor four months after my wifes decease one hundred pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania to my other Sons and daughters: but he my Son John Shall have his part or Shear of the Said one hundred pounds, when it is equal divided back again=

Item. My said Sone John or his heirs shall pay one hundred pounds lawful money aforesiad two years after the above said time to my other Sons and daughters: put he shall have his part of aforesaid = and the Remainder of the money what the land is Prized for, Shall be divided into two payments and my Son John or his heirs Shall pay every year one payment after the Last Payment above said: to my Sons and daughters but Shall have his Equal part of it as afore mentioned=

Latest I do hearby Constitute make and ordain my Said wife Elizabeth and my family trusty friend gabriel boyer Executors of this my Last will and Testament = hearby revoking and annulling all former wills by me made and this alone Do declare to be my Last will and Testament in the witness of may in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and forty one XXXXX

Declared by the Aforementioned Jost to be his Last will and Testament, in the presence of us


----------Abraham Eshmann

----------John Yoder

--------------------the marke of John 10 Yoder


------------------------------------------------------------Jost X Yoder


[No doubt this shows that Jost could not sign his name except with an X at this time. Also, John Yoder made his mark '10']


Inventory of Joas Jodders Deceas

his Estate prizet by Peter Ballie John Jodder and Samuel Golden the first Day of Aug. Anno 1741,





Cloats and Appearil------------------------------------------------------------ 4

The Plantation containing 200 Acres----------------------------------------300

Rye and Wheat----------------------------------------------------------------- 20

Two Waggons------------------------------------------------------------------ 13

Plows, Iren Harrow and Iren of an Old Waggon---------------------------- 4

Ten Acresof Barlay, flax, and Oats-------------------------------------------- 10

Five Workin Horses-------------------------------------------------------------- 30

Mares and Colts in the Woods-------------------------------------------------- 20

Hors Geers and Collars----------------------------------------------------------- 2

four paire Chains and a Lockchain--------------------------------------------- 2-------1

Cows ad Cattles and Colts---------------------------------------------------- 56------5

Sheeps old and young--------------------------------------------------------- 5------2

Hogs----------------------------------------------------------------------- 3------1


Hows, tongforcks, axes, and Groben Hows------------------------------------ 1----8----6

Hand Saws and other Tools------------------------------------------------------10----4

Flaxe Hachel------------------------------------------------------------------------8

old Acelles-------------------------------------------------------------------------5

Tubbs and Barriles and Buttertubbs----------------------------------------- 1----2----4

Coppern Kettels-------------------------------------------------------------- 1-----5

Iren Pots--------------------------------------------------------------------- 1----11

Iren Panns and Symmers-----------------------------------------------------------12

Peuter Dishes and Plats------------------------------------------------------- 1-----10


Sprenglin Pot and fanil-------------------------------------------------------2-------6

Trassor and Table and Chars------------------------------------------------------- 2

Spinnen Wheels------------------------------------------------------------ 1-----10

Bedding---------------------------------------------------------------- --4---10----



[second page or side two]


Gees Fadders--------------------------------------------------------------- 3------10

Bedticks---------------------------------------------------------------- 3----------2


Mor Betticks------------------------------------------------------------- 1----------6

Bed Cloats--------------------------------------------------------------- 2----------3

Table Cloats------------------------------------------------------------1----------10

Smal Ticks-------------------------------------------------------------------------7

Linnen of Dobu---------------------------------------------------------------------- 2

Bible and Books---------------------------------------------------------------- 2

Iren Lamps---------------------------------------------------------------------3

Bills and Bonds------------------------------------------------------- 30----------9

-------------------------------------------------------------------- 46----------19

In Debts to workmen




---------------------------------------Pastor Ballie

---------------------------------------John Yoder

---------------------------------------Samuel Golden

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