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General Courthouse and Area Records

Yoder records appearing in Logan County, Ohio Cemeteries

The basic Yoder Cemetery data below has been extracted for the USGENWEB Records for Logan County, Ohio as of May 2, 1998.(see statement below).

The raw data has been supplemented with Yoder Familiy Identification Numbers provided through analysis of the Yoder Newsletter. Refer to family Group data within the Yoder Archives for more detail.

GENWEB Credit and proviso:

USGENWEB NOTICE: In keeping with our policy of providing free information on the Internet, data may be freely used by non-commercial entities, as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by other organizations.
Monroe Twp., LOGAN CO., OH

Yoder Cemetery

The Yoder Cemetery is located on the west side of County Road 1
approximately .2 miles north Township Road 30.

Yoder, 1863 (infant daughter of D.C. & J. Yoder) (d/o YR14629)
Yoder, 29 Apr 1867 (infant daughter of D. & M. Yoder)
Yoder?, d 22? Oct? 1867? (infant daughter of ... Yoder?; partly illegible)
Yoder, Sep 1880 (infant of D.C. & Nancy Yoder) (d/oYR14629)
Yoder, d 14? Oct 1882? (infant son of D.C. & N. Yoder) (d/oYR14629)
Yoder, d 25 Dec 1883, ae 4d (infant son of R.S. & F. Yoder) (YR1462b34)
Yoder, 19 Sep 1900-28 Sep 1900 (son of C.B. & P.A. Yoder) (s/oYR146294)
Yoder, b 13 Apr 1904 (infant son of K.K. & A.M. Yoder)
Yoder, Oct 1915 (infant son of K.K. & A. Yoder)
Yoder, Abba see Wright, Abba Johnson
Yoder, Adaline Patti, 1902-1986 (w?YR1462251)
Yoder, Alf J., 1877-1948 (on monument with Florence M. Yoder)
Yoder, Amanda, 1857-1859 (child of N. & B. Yoder) (YR1462a)
Yoder, Anna, d 5 Feb 1897, ae 70y 10m 21d (wife of Jonathan C. Yoder)
Yoder, Anna Maud, 1888-1891 (YR1462255)
Yoder, Archie T., 1862-1953 (on monument with Artie M. Yoder)
Yoder, Artie M., 1862-1929 (on monument with Archie T. Yoder)
Yoder, Barbra, d 13 Feb 1872, ae 39y 9m 15d (wife of Noah Yoder)
Yoder, Boyd, 1907-1995 (on monument with Margaret Yoder and Delta
Yoder, Chas. H., 1871-1925 (?YR1462a7)
Yoder, Christian, 1791-1859 (on monument with Mary Yoder; pioneer
settlers coming from Pennsylvania in 1845, they donated this tract of land
from their farm for burial place to be known as the Yoder Cemetery; they
reared a large family of which Noah
Yoder was one member) (YR1462)
Yoder, Christian, 1865-1924 (father; on monument with Phebe Yoder)
Yoder, Christian S., 1845-1931 (YR146222)
Yoder, Clara B., 1881-1978 (on monument with Lee H. Yoder)
Yoder, Daniel C., 1825-1909 (YR14629)
Yoder, Daniel H., 1874-1949 (on monument with Emma D. Yoder)
Yoder, David S., 24 Sep 1813-11 Apr 1887 (YR14621)
Yoder, Delta, 1916- (on monument with Boyd Yoder)
Yoder, Dora, d 9 Sep 1880, ae 23d (daughter of S.E. & C. Yoder)
Yoder, Dorothy H., 1905-1978
Yoder, Eddo, 1886-1960 (son of Gertrude Yoder) (YR257335)
Yoder, Elizabeth, d 16 Mar 1859, ae 3y 2m 19d (daughter of D.C. & J.
Yoder) (d/oYR14629)
Yoder, Emma D., 1878-1979 (on monument with Daniel H. Yoder)
Yoder, Enoch, d 28 Dec 1891, ae 71y 9m 6d (YR1743)
Yoder, Ephriam, 1882-1969 (YR2613111)
Yoder, Euseba, 1878-1966 (YR1462216)
Yoder, Florence M., 1879-1948 (on monument with Alf J. Yoder)
Yoder, Frances B., 1867-1943 (?YR1462a6)
Yoder, Freda A., 1913- (wife of H. Clifford Yoder; married 18 Sep 1937)
Yoder, Frona, 1855-1924 (on monument with Rudolph Yoder)
Yoder, Gertrude, 1851-1950 (mother of Eddo Yoder) (wYR25733)
Yoder, H. Clifford, 1911- (husband of Freda A. Yoder; married 18 Sep
Yoder, Harold L., 21 Apr 1909-13 Mar 1994 (husband of Nina M. Yoder;
married 3 Feb 1935)
Yoder, Isaiah C., 4 Nov 1896-26 Jun 1970 (Ohio, Pvt., Medical Dept.,
World War I) (YR1462944)
Yoder, Jacob D., 1842-1916 (on monument with Malinda J. Yoder)
Yoder, James Bill, 1923-1983 (husband of Jean Ward Yoder; married 19
May 1951)
Yoder, James M., 1905-1981 (husband of Valetta E. Yoder; married 10 May
Yoder, Jean Ward, 1931- (wife of James Bill Yoder; married 19 May 1951)
Yoder, John B., d 13 Apr 1881, ae 13y 5d (son of D.C. & M. Yoder)
Yoder, John W., 1861-1933 (on monument with Leah E. Yoder)
Yoder, Jonas P., d 2 Aug 1891, ae 76y 1d (husband of Lydia Yoder)
Yoder, Jonathan C., d 27 Aug 1895, ae 66y 6m 1d (husband of Anna Yoder)
Yoder, Joseph B., d 21 Dec 1870, ae 5m 18d (son of D.C. & M. Yoder)
Yoder, Judit, d 11 Jan 1863, ae 34y 19d (wife of D.C. Yoder) (wYR14629)
Yoder, Kathrine, 1844-1882 (on monument with Samuel E. Yoder)
Yoder, Leah, 25 Jan 1812-30 Mar 1890 (wife of D.S. Yoder) (wYR14621)
Yoder, Leah E., 1859-1900 (on monument with John W. Yoder)
Yoder, Lee Dale, 1913-1935
Yoder, Lee H., 1878-1965 (on monument with Clara B. Yoder)
Yoder, Liddie, d 3 Aug 1871, ae 16y 6m 7d (daughter of Enoch & Any
Yoder) (d/oYR1743)
Yoder, Lydia, d 19 Mar 1900, ae 79y 3m 10d (wife of Jonas P. Yoder)
Yoder, Lydia B., d 6 Jun 1872, ae 14y 10m 19d (daughter of D.C. & J.
Yoder) (d/oYR14629)
Yoder, Malinda J., 1854-1938 (on monument with Jacob D. Yoder)
Yoder, Margaret, 1908-1974 (on monument with Boyd Yoder)
Yoder, Martha, d 7 Nov 1896, ae 87y 8m 24d
Yoder, Martha M., 1893- (d/oYR1462942)
Yoder, Marthy, d 3 Feb 1871, ae 32y 22d (wife of D.C. Yoder)
Yoder, Mary, 1785-1864 (on monument with Christian Yoder) (wYR1462)
Yoder, Mary D., d 2 Jan 1867, ae 9y 8m (daughter of J.C. & A. Yoder)
Yoder, Mary E., 1902-1988 (on monument with Newton G. Yoder)
Yoder, Menno S., 1851-1943 (father; adjacent to Saloma Yoder monument)
Yoder, Mollie M., 2 Apr 1875-6 Dec 1958
Yoder, Nancy, d 8 Feb 1891, ae 72y 17d (wife of Enoch Yoder) (wYR1743)
Yoder, Nancy B., 1895-1982 (YR1462943)
Yoder, Nancy M., d 15 Dec 1878, ae 3y 26d (daughter of D.C. & N. Yoder)
Yoder, Nancy Z., 1843-1930 (wife of D.C. Yoder) (w3YR14629)
Yoder, Newton G., 1904-1968 (on monument with Mary E. Yoder)
Yoder, Nina M., 3 Oct 1910-25 Oct 1995 (wife of Harold L. Yoder; married
3 Feb 1935)
Yoder, Noah, 10 Apr 1827-24 Feb 1917 (YR1462a)
Yoder, Noah, 1871-1871 (child of N. & B. Yoder) (s/oYR1462a)
Yoder, Phebe, 1865-1936 (mother; on monument with Christian Yoder)
Yoder, Rebecca, 1845-1929 (wYR146222)
Yoder, Rebecca H., 1873-1925 (d/oYR14629)
Yoder, Rudolph, 1856-1931 (on monument with Frona Yoder) (YR1462b3)
Yoder, Sallie, 1836-1907
Yoder, Saloma, 1854-1938 (mother; adjacent to Menno S. Yoder
monument) (wYR146225)
Yoder, Samuel A., d 26 Oct 1882, ae 1m 18d (son of S.E. & C. Yoder)
Yoder, Samuel E., 1843-1921 (on monument with Kathrine Yoder)
Yoder, Sarah A., 1860-1949 (wife of Simon A. Yoder) (wYR146227)
Yoder, Sarah A., d 30 Oct 1880, ae 26d (daughter of I.M. & E. Yoder)
Yoder, Simon A., 1858-1931 (husband of Sarah A. Yoder) (YR146227)
Yoder, Valetta E., 1913-1990 (wife of James M. Yoder; married 10 May
Yoder, Willard B., 1940-1951


LOGAN CO, Liberty Twp.

Fairview Cemetery

Also called the West Liberty Cemetery, the Fairview Cemetery is located on the
west side of U.S.
Route 68 just north of West Liberty.

Yoder, 1952 (infant daughter; on monument with Herbert G. Yoder)
Yoder, A. Ray, 1915- (on monument with Delpha E. Yoder)
Yoder, Addie B., 1890-1955 (on monument with Ernest L. Yoder)
Yoder, Alfred F., 1879-1954 (husband of Katie E. Yoder) (YR1461155)
Yoder, Alpha B., 1880-1958 (on monument with Maude A. Yoder)
Yoder, Amos M., 1859-1923 (on monument with Sarah E. Yoder)
Yoder, Anna E., 1900-1970 (on monument with Paul D. Yoder)
Yoder, Anna M., 1870-1949 (on monument with Kora K. Yoder)
Yoder, Annie May, 1876-1920 (daughter of Wm. & L. Heater)
[Yoder], Armenon, 1857-1938 (YRB675) (mother; adjacent to David S.
[Yoder] monument; in Yoder family plot)
Yoder, B. Leonard, 1891-1971 (on monument with Leona Yoder)
Yoder, Barbara E., 1885-1933 (on monument with Earl M. Yoder)
Yoder, Belle, 1895-1985 (on monument with Dan C. Yoder)
Yoder, Ben D., 1855-1945 (on monument with Mary E. Yoder) (YR14611b)
Yoder, Bertha Krabill, 1894-1981 (wife; adjacent to John L. [Yoder]
Yoder, Bryan B., 30 Jul 1972-27 Oct 1979 (on monument with Jeffrey A.
Yoder, C. Kenneth, 1894-1943 (on monument with Carrye E. Yoder)
Yoder, Carl H., 1906-1929
Yoder, Carrye E., 1893-1957 (on monument with C. Kenneth Yoder)
Yoder, Chalmer W., 1907-1979 (on monument with Clarabell D. Yoder and
Ruth B.
Yoder, Clarabell D., 1904-1954 (on monument with Chalmer W. Yoder)
Yoder, Clarence O., 1910-1969 (on monument with Grace B. Yoder)
Yoder, D. Bradley, 1869-1956 (on monument with Ella B. Yoder, Nelle F.
Yoder, Ralph
C. Yoder, and Shirley D. Yoder) (YRB1885)
Yoder, D. Byron, 1918-1920
Yoder, D. Leonard, 1901-1987 (on monument with Mollie G. Yoder)
Yoder, Dale A., Jan 1954-May 1954
Yoder, Dale E., 25 Feb 1948-27 Oct 1979 (on monument with Virginia L.
Yoder; 2nd
monument: Dale Emerson Yoder, Sp. 4, U.S. Army, Vietnam)
Yoder, Dan C., 1886-1967 (on monument with Maud Yoder and Belle
Yoder, Daniel J., 1923- (on monument with Mary Jeanette Yoder)
Yoder, David A., 1929-1986
Yoder, David C., 1868-1958 (husband of Minnie Yoder) (YR1866)
[Yoder], David S., 1852-1945 (YR2511c5)(father; adjacent to Armenon
[Yoder] monument; in Yoder family plot)
Yoder, Delpha E., 1919- (on monument with A. Ray Yoder)
Yoder, Dolph M., 1884-1945 (YR14611b2)
Yoder, Donald C., 1912-1989 (on monument with Opal M. Yoder)
Yoder, Donald R., 1912-1990 (on monument with Ruth M. Yoder)
Yoder, Dora Bell, d 25 Sep 1886, ae 8m 2d (chil of J.A. & F. Yoder)
Yoder, Dwight V., 1914- (on monument with Olive G. Yoder, Roy E.
Yoder, Wilma K.
Yoder, Gail H. Yoder, Ruth Ellen Yoder, Stanley E. Yoder, and Roxie S.
Yoder, E. Lucille, 1901-1975 (on monument with Glade H. Yoder)
Yoder, Earl M., 1883-1973 (on monument with Barbara E. Yoder)
Yoder, Elbe Voris, 1881-1954 (YR14611b1)
Yoder, Eldora F., 1915-1967 (on monument with Philip E. Yoder)
[Yoder], Eli D., 1867-1942 (in Yoder family plot) (YRB1884)
Yoder, Elizabeth, 27 Nov 1844-3 Sep 1927 (wife of E.J. Yoder)
[Yoder], Elizabeth, 1875-1968 (in Yoder family plot) (w2YRB1884)
Yoder, Elizabeth M., 1901-1986 (YR1461275)
Yoder, Ella B., 1875-1960 (on monument with D. Bradley Yoder)
Yoder, Ella R., 1885-1933 (on monument with Emmett W. Yoder)
Yoder, Ellen, 1960-1932
Yoder, Elmer C., 1889-1935 YRB11427 (h/oYR1461273)
Yoder, Emery A., 1913-1984 (on monument with Virginia R. Yoder)
Yoder, Emmett W., 1886-1967 (on monument with Ella R. Yoder and Katie
M. Yoder)
Yoder, Ernest L., 1885-1965 (on monument with Addie B. Yoder and Willis
Yoder, Ethelyn, 1874-1929 (wife of Rudolph Yoder) (wYRB1855)
Yoder, Evelyn, 1910
Yoder, Everett R., 1898-1929 (YRB18551)
Yoder, Ezra J., 25 Nov 1846-19 Jan 1901 (husband of Elizabeth Yoder)
Yoder, Fannie A., 1855-1925 (on monument with Jacob A. Yoder)
[Yoder], Fannie F., 1870-1900 (in Yoder family plot) (w1YRB1884)
Yoder, Gail H., 1921- (on monument with Dwight V. Yoder)
Yoder, Gertrude C., 1902-1985 (YR1461276)
Yoder, Glade H., 1916- (on monument with E. Lucille Yoder)
Yoder, Glen E., 1916-1989
Yoder, Grace B., 1914- (on monument with Clarence O. Yoder)
Yoder, Harold E., 14 Jul 1917-15 Oct 1979 (on monument with Mary B.
Yoder; 2nd monument: Harold Emerson Yoder, P.F.C., U.S. Army, World
War II)
Yoder, Hattie W., 1897-1926
Yoder, Herbert G., 1918-1989 (on monument with N. Geraldine Yoder and
infant daughter Yoder)
Yoder, Howard, 1905-1990 (on monument with Mary E. Yoder)
Yoder, I. Elaine, 5 Jan 1919- (on monument with Roy E. Yoder)
Yoder, Ilo K., 16 Aug 1922- (on monument with Max E. Yoder)
Yoder, Iva F., 1886-1965 (on monument with J. Sherman Yoder)
Yoder, J. Orden, 1906-1908 (son of M.S. & K. Yoder) (YRB114b2)
Yoder, J. Sherman, 1879-1958 (on monument with Iva F. Yoder)
Yoder, J. Sherman, 1880-1926 (YRB17332)
Yoder, Jacob A., 1851-1917 (on monument with Fannie A. Yoder)
[Yoder], Joe Herman, 1896-1976 (in Yoder family plot)
Yoder, John D., 1906-1973 (YR1461277)
[Yoder], John L., 1889-1978 (husband; adjacent to Bertha Krabill Yoder
monument; in
Yoder fmaioly plot)
Yoder, John Ray, 1884-1962 (on monument with Rebecca L. Yoder)
Yoder, John T., 1865-1945 (on monument with Sarah A. Yoder)
[Yoder], Joseph A., 1857-1942 (in Yoder family plot)
Yoder, Kate, 1896-1928 (wife of Elmer C. Yoder) (YR146127)
Yoder, Katherine, 1875-1963 (on monument with Menno S. Yoder)
Yoder, Katie E., 1883-1942 (wife of Alfred F. Yoder) (wYR1461155)
Yoder, Katie M., 1894-1967 (on monument with Emmett W. Yoder)
Yoder, Kora K., 1866-1924 (on monument with Anna M. Yoder)
Yoder, Leona, 1895-1987 (on monument with B. Leonard Yoder)
Yoder, Loretto, d 30 Sep 1879, ae 6y 16d (child of J.A. & F.H. Yoder)
Yoder, Loto Mustaine, 1887-1977
Yoder, Lucile H., 1900-1996 (on monument with Mark C. Yoder)
Yoder, Lucille, 1904-1970 (on monument with Ralph Yoder)
[Yoder], Luella S., 1912-1947 (in Yoder family plot)
Yoder, Lulu M., 1890-1961 (on monument with R. Vernon Yoder)
Yoder, Mark C., 1896-1959 (on monument with Lucile H. Yoder)
Yoder, Mark Harold, 5 Jan 1900-7 Aug 1901 (son of J.A. & F.H. Yoder)
Yoder, Martha Alice, d 3 Sep 1886, ae 2y 11m 11d (child of J.A. & F.
Yoder) (YRB17333)
Yoder, Mary A., 1904-1968 (on monument with Samuel N. Yoder)
Yoder, Mary B., 29 Feb 1920-28 Nov 1988 (on monument with Harold E.
Yoder, Mary E., 1859-1930 (on monument with Ben D. Yoder)
Yoder, Mary E., 1905-1993 (on monument with Howard Yoder)
Yoder, Mary Jeanette, 1926- (on monument with Daniel J. Yoder)
Yoder, Maud, 1887-1929 (on monument with Dan C. Yoder)
Yoder, Maude A., 1897-1970 (on monument with Alpha B. Yoder)
Yoder, Max E., 19 Aug 1920-1 Jul 1993 (on monument with Ilo K. Yoder)
Yoder, Maxine, 1921
Yoder, Menno S., 1873-1942 (on monument with Katherine Yoder)
Yoder, Mildred E., 1916-1977
Yoder, Minnie, 1871-1949 (wife of David C. Yoder) (wYRB1866)
Yoder, Mollie G., 1903-1985 (on monument with D. Leonard Yoder)
Yoder, N. Geraldine, 1919- (on monument with Herbert G. Yoder)
Yoder, Nelle F., 1897-1895 (on monument with D. Bradley Yoder)
Yoder, Nelson B., 1892-1938 (YR1461271)
Yoder, Olive G., 1913-1996 (on monument with Dwight V. Yoder)
Yoder, Opal M., 1911- (on monument with Donald C. Yoder)
Yoder, Paul D., 1899-1955 (on monument with Anna E. Yoder)
Yoder, Paul L., 1902-1985 (husband of Ruth A. Yoder)
Yoder, Philip E., 1913-1993 (on monument with Eldora F. Yoder)
Yoder, R. Vernon, 1884-1956 (on monument with Lulu M. Yoder)
Yoder, Ralph, 1897-1976 (on monument with Lucille Yoder)
Yoder, Ralph C., 1907-1975 (on monument with D. Bradley Yoder)
Yoder, Rebecca L., 1890-1960 (on monument with John Ray Yoder)
Yoder, Richard Eldon, 12 Dec 1946
Yoder, Rovilla, 1883-1984
Yoder, Roxie S., 1928-1997 (on monument with Dwight V. Yoder)
Yoder, Roy E., 12 Apr 1914- (on monument with I. Elaine Yoder)
Yoder, Roy E., 1915-1994 (on monument with Dwight V. Yoder)
Yoder, Rudolph, 1872-1911 (husband of Ethelyn Yoder) (YRB1855)
Yoder, Ruth A., 1908-1995 (wife of Paul L. Yoder)
[Yoder], Ruth Anna, 1887-1960 (in Yoder family plot)
Yoder, Ruth B., 1919- (on monument with Chalmer W. Yoder)
Yoder, Ruth Ellen, 1922- (on monument with Dwight V. Yoder)
Yoder, Ruth M., 1914- (on monument with Donald R. Yoder)
Yoder, Sam'l W. (Co. L, 2 Ohio H.A.)
Yoder, Samuel N., 1902-1981 (on monument with Mary A. Yoder)
Yoder, Sarah A., 1867-1927 (on monument with John T. Yoder)
Yoder, Sarah E., 1857-1926 (on monument with Amos M. Yoder)
Yoder, Sarah J., 1893-1956
Yoder, Shirley D., 1908-1971 (on monument with D. Bradley Yoder)
Yoder, Stanley E., 1924- (on monument with Dwight V. Yoder)
Yoder, Virginia L., 19 Jun 1944- (on monument with Dale E. Yoder)
Yoder, Virginia R., 1916-1983 (on monument with Emery A. Yoder)
Yoder, Willis LeRoy, 1928 (infant; on monument with Ernest L. Yoder)
Yoder, Wilma K., 1919- (on monument with Dwight V. Yoder)
Yoder, Zella Wirick, 1889-1930

Liberty Twp, LOGAN CO., OH

Highland Memorial Cemetery

The Highland Memorial Cemetery is located on the east side of U.S. Route 68
north of West Liberty.

Yoder, Ellis J., 20 Aug 1892-15 Nov 1969 (on monument with Meriam K.
Yoder; Ohio,
P.F.C., Medical Dept., World War I) (YRB18522)
Yoder, Emma M., 1894-1972 (on monument with John W. Yoder)
Yoder, Gail H., 1921- (on monument with Ruth Ellen Yoder)
Yoder, Glenn E., 1931-1977 (Cpl., U.S. Army, Korea)
Yoder, John W., 1890-1970 (on monument with Emma M. Yoder)
Yoder, Meriam K., 12 Jun 1891-30 Aug 1978 (on monument with Ellis J.
Yoder) (wYRB18522)
Yoder, Ruth Ellen, 1922- (on monument with Gail H. Yoder)

Liberty Twp, LOGAN Co, OH

South Union Cemetery

The South Union Cemetery is located on the southeast corner of U.S. Route 68
and Township Road

Yoder (infant son of S.J. & S.Y. Yoder)
Yoder, d 24 Sep 1888, ae 2m (son of E.B. & L.E. Yoder)
Yoder, Allie M., 1890-1971
Yoder, Amos I., 1866-1932 (on monument with Saloma A. Yoder)
Yoder, Anna K., 1882-1960 (on monument with John I. Yoder)
Yoder, Anna M., 1880-1938 (YRB11412)
Yoder, Arthur M., 6 Feb 1888-27 Jun 1899 (son of S.P. & E.N. Yoder)
Yoder, Bertha Florence, 1884-1958 (mother) (YR1462254, wYR1462932)
[Yoder], Carol Sue, 1940-1941 (in Yoder family plot)
Yoder, Catharine P., 1830-1895 (on monument with Christian K. Yoder)
Yoder, Christian K., 1829-1911 (on monument with Catharine P. Yoder)
Yoder, Clifford L., 13 Mar 1916-21 Aug 1969 (Ohio, Sgt., U.S. Army,
World War II)
Yoder, David B., 1860-1938 (on monument with Sarah E. Yoder)
Yoder, Donald E., 1910 (son of Elmer L. & Maud E. Yoder)
Yoder, Donnetta F., 1910 (daughter of O.V. & Dora Yoder)
Yoder, Dora, 1885-1967 (wife of Oak V. Yoder) (wYRB11451)
Yoder, Edna Pearl, 1905-1908 (daughter of J.O. & L.B. Yoder)
Yoder, Effie Mae, 1893-1922 (on monument with J. Arch Yoder)
(YRB11456, w)
Yoder, Ellen E., 1889-1974 (on monument with Isaac P. Yoder)
Yoder, Elmer, 1901-1988 (on monument with Iva Esther Yoder)
Yoder, Elmer L., 1885-1935 (husband of Maud E. Yoder; father of Donald
E. Yoder) (s/oYR146293)
Yoder, Emma N., 1860-1937 (on monument with Samuel P. Yoder)
Yoder, Ezra B., 1854-1921 (on monument with Lydia E. Yoder)
Yoder, Fannie Pearl, 18 Mar 1897-25 Nov 1918, ae 21y 8m 7d (daughter of
E.B. & L.E. Yoder) (YR1462917)
Yoder, Fannie Z., 1853-1932 (on monument with Levi K.
Yoder, Florence B., d 30 Oct 1891, ae 11m 12d (daughter of S.P. & E.N.
Yoder) (YRB11453)
Yoder, Floyd R., 1892-1966 (on monument with Kathryn B. Yoder)
Yoder, Frank H., 3 Sep 1894-20 Nov 1918, ae 24y 2m 17d (son of E.B. &
L.E. Yoder) (YR1462916)
Yoder, Harvey N., 7 Oct 1883-1 Jan 1884, ae 2m 24d (son of M.L. & F.L.
Yoder, Isaac P., 1853-1923 (on monument with Martha B. Yoder and Ellen
E. Yoder)(YRB1142)
Yoder, Iva Esther, 1902-1980 (on monument with Elmer Yoder)
Yoder, Iva G., 1886-1960 (on monument with Jacob G. Yoder)
Yoder, J. Arch, 1889-1959 (on monument with Effie Mae Yoder)
Yoder, J. Oliver, 1872-1955 (on monument with Lydia Yoder)
Yoder, Jacob G., 1887-1911 (on monument with Iva G. Yoder) (YRB18162)
Yoder, Jason Elwood, 1915-1916 (YRB11488)
Yoder, Jay Howard, 1912-1914 (son of J.I. & A.K. Yoder)
Yoder, John I., 1883-1962 (on monument with Anna K. Yoder)
Yoder, Kathryn B., 1892-1959 (on monument with Floyd R. Yoder)
Yoder, Kathryn E., 1894-1939 (YRB11457)
Yoder, Katie B., 1880-1973 (YRB11422)
Yoder, Levi K., 1851-1935 (on monument with Fannie Z. Yoder)
Yoder, Lydia, 1862-1930 (on monument with Oliver Yoder) (wYR1462b7)
Yoder, Lydia, 1872-1927 (on monument with J. Oliver Yoder)
Yoder, Lydia, d 22 Dec 1893, ae 63y 10m 3d (wife of B.K. Yoder)
Yoder, Lydia A., d 24 Jul 1890, ae 18y 4m 18d (daughter of B.K. & Lydia
Yoder, Lydia E., 1858-1929 (on monument with Ezra B. Yoder)
Yoder, Mark T., 1907-1929 (YRB11485)
Yoder, Martha B., 1857-1939 (on monument with Isaac P. Yoder)
Yoder, Maud E., 1885-1910 (wife of Elmer L. Yoder; mother of Donald E.
Yoder) (wYR146293)
Yoder, Nancy A., d 17 Dec 1881, ae 26y 2m 8d (wife of E.B. Yoder)
Yoder, Oak V., 1884-1918 (husband of Dora Yoder) (YRB11451)
Yoder, Oliver, 1864-1930 (on monument with Lydia Yoder) (YR1462b7)
Yoder, Pheba Ellen, 12 Nov 1891-22 Jan 1912, ae 20y 2m 10d (daughter of
E.B. & L.E.
Yoder) (YR1462915)
Yoder, Phyllis N., 1918-
Yoder, Saloma A., 1877-1963 (on monument with Amos I. Yoder)
Yoder, Saloma Y., 1858-1930 (wYR253913)
Yoder, Samuel P., 1858-1939 (on monument with Emma N. Yoder)
Yoder, Sarah E., 1860-1940 (on monument with David B. Yoder)
Yoder, Solomon J., 1855-1907 (YR253913)
[Yoder], Timothy Jason, Apr 1951 (in Yoder family plot)
Yoder, Wanda Mae, 1918-1919 (daughter of J.I. & A.K. Yoder)
Yoder, Winfred L., 1924-1970 (2nd monument: 6 Jun 1924-30 Jan 1970,
Ohio, Tec. 5, Ord. HV Maint. Co., World War II)


Alexandria Cemetery

The Alexandria Cemetery is located on the south side of State Route 508
approximately .4 miles east of County Road 201.

Yoder, 4 Aug 1897 (infant daughter of Uriel & Lydia A. Yoder)
Yoder, d 4 Feb 1868, ae 3d (son of D.D. & E. Yoder) (s/oYRB185)
Yoder, Andrew, d 20 Sep 1875, ae 7m 22d (son of D.D. & E. Yoder)
Yoder, Anna, d 2 Jan 1892, ae 75y 5m 19d (wife of J.D. Yoder)
Yoder, Barbara, 2 Sep 1820-2 Aug 1899 (wife of J.B. Yoder) (wYRB181)
Yoder, Christian, d 26 Dec 1861 (son of D.M. & L.H. Yoder) (s/oYR234123)
Yoder, D., d 11 Feb 1849, ae 48y (YRB18)
Yoder, David B., d 31 Aug 1852, ae 5y 1m 2d (son of J.B. & B. Yoder)
Yoder, David D., 1830-1922 (on monument with Elizabeth Yoder; 2nd
monument: father) (YRB185)
Yoder, Elizabeth, 1835-1893 (on monument with David D. Yoder; 2nd
monument: mother) (YRB1815, wYRB185)
Yoder, Elizabeth, d 1945, ae 92y (wife of S.W. Plank and D.D. Yoder)
Yoder, Elizabeth A., 1856-1933 (on monument with John M. Yoder)
Yoder, Ely, 27 Mar 1838-16 Feb 1888 (father; on monument with Lydia
Yoder) (YRB188)
Yoder, Fannie, 1836-1898 (on monument with Jonas Yoder) (wYRB186)
Yoder, Ida Dillon, 18 May 1868-2 Jul 1902
Yoder, Jacob B., d 11 Jan 1899, ae 57y 11m
Yoder, Jacob J., d 10 Apr 1880, ae 53y 9m 26d
Yoder, Jacob W., d 10 Sep 1863, ae 20y 5m 6d (son of D.C. & M. Yoder)
Yoder, John, d 12 May 1857, ae 1y 7m 23d (son of D.D. & E. Yoder; not in
original location) (s/oYRB185)
Yoder, John, d 18 May 1883, ae 53y 2m 21d (?YR14646)
Yoder, John B., d 22 May 1873, ae 51y 4m 7d (YRB181)
Yoder, John D., d 16 Mar 1895, ae 79y 8m 18d (YR14611)
Yoder, John K., 1853-1930 (YRB1814)
Yoder, John M., 1853-1931 (on monument with Elizabeth A. Yoder)
Yoder, Jonas, 1833-1911 (on monument with Fannie Yoder) (YRB186)
Yoder, Leah, d 31 Jul 1852, ae 4y 3m 28d (daughter of J.D. & Anna Yoder -
-check again) (YR146117)
Yoder, Leah H., d 11 Mar 1876, ae 39y 7m 16d (wife of David M. Yoder)
Yoder, Levi, 1820-1852 (husband of Nancy Yoder) (YRB171)
Yoder, Levina, d 3 Aug 1852, ae 3y 7m 13d (daughter of J.D. & Anna
Yoder) (YR146118)
Yoder, Lydia, 15 Sep 1842-17 Dec 1901 (mother; on monument with Ely
Yoder) (YR146114, wYRB188)
Yoder, Lydia Ann, 1862-1924 (on monument with Uriel Yoder; 2nd
monument: mother) (wYRB1852)
Yoder, Magdalena, d 30 Jun 1870, ae 67y 5m 14d (wife of D.C. Yoder)
Yoder, Malinda, d 11 Oct 1860 (daughter of D.D. & E. Yoder --check
again) (YRB1851)
Yoder, Martha, d 8 Sep 1852, ae 3y 1d (daughter of J.B. & B. Yoder)
Yoder, Mary, d 11 Dec 1871 (daughter of D.M. & L.H. Yoder) (d/oYR234123)
Yoder, Moses, d 27 Jul 1852, ae 1y 2m 27d (son of J.D. & Anna Yoder)
Yoder, Nancy, 1823-1889 (wife of Levi Yoder) (YRB171)
Yoder, Salome, d 28 Nov 1875, ae 1m 28d (daughter of C.H. & J.A. Yoder)
Yoder, Solomon, d 19 Dec 1882, ae 45y 1m 1d (YR146111)
Yoder, Uriel, 1862-1956 (on monument with Lydia Ann Yoder) (YRB1852)

Union Twp, LOGAN Co., OH

New Philadelphia Cemetery

The New Philadelphia Cemetery is located on the southwest corner of
Township Road 201 and Township Road 203.

Yoder, Annabelle, 1879-1911 (on monument with Jesse A. Yoder) (YR146477)
Yoder, Celia May, 26 Aug 1903-7 Dec 1903 (YR1464763)
Yoder, Donna Lucile, 3 Apr 1905-14 Nov 1908 (YR1464762)
Yoder, Elizabeth, 21 Feb 1838-30 Nov 1927 (wife of Rudolph Yoder;
mother) (wYR14647)
Yoder, Harvey E., 1878-1953 (on monument with Nora E. Yoder)
Yoder, Jesse A., 1872-1945 (on monument with Annabelle Yoder)
Yoder, Nora E., 1878-1942 (on monument with Harvey E. Yoder)
Yoder, Olive B., d 28 Dec 1871, ae 5y 28d (daughter of R. & E. Yoder)
Yoder, Rudolph, 6 Aug 1832-6 Aug 1899 (husband of Elizabeth Yoder;
father) (YR14647)

Union Twp, LOGAN Co,Pa

Sagers Cemetery

The Sagers Cemetery is located on the west side of Township Road 198
approximately .5 miles south of County Road 43.

Yoder, Amanda, d 27 Feb 1851, ae 5y? 1m 15d (daughter of C.P. & El[ida]
Yoder; broken) (YRB6b6)
Yoder, Cherity K., d 1 Oct 1847, ae 52y 6m (wife of Peter Yoder) (wYRB6)
Yoder, Christian, d 9 May 1843, ae 5m 10d (son of Jacob P. & Fanny
Yoder) (YRB6b71)
Yoder, Elizabeth, d 20 Sep 1850, ae ... (daughter of C.P. & Elida Yoder;
reset) (YRB6b1)
Yoder, Fanny H., d 29 Mar 1852, ae 35y ... (wife of Jacob P. Yoder; reset)
Yoder, Jacob P., d 7 Mar 1859, ae 40y 1m 3d (YRB67)
Yoder, John, d 16 Nov 1863, ae 10y 7m 7d (son of C.P. & L. Yoder)
Yoder, Peter, d 16 Dec 1849, ae 76y 11m 7d (YRB6)

Jefferson Twp, Logan Co, OH

Zanesfield Cemetery

The Zanesfield Cemetery is located on the south side of County Road 153
approximately .5 miles west of County Road 28.

Yoder, Josie G., 1880- (on monument with Marion T. Yoder) (wYR1462253)
Yoder, Marion T., 1880-1955 (on monument with Josie G. Yoder)

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