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Yoder Lineage - Other than Amish

Compiled by the Yoder Newsletter

The Descendants of Hans Yoder

A Lutheran Yoder who settled in the Oley Valley, Berks Co., PA

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Published by the Yoder Family Newsletter, Goshen, Indiana
Data copyrighted by Christopher Yoder 2007

These files contain a collection of Yoder family data which has been assembled since 1983 by the Yoder Newsletter (YNL), (P O Box 594, Goshen, IN 46527 for Subscription information). For content update, write Chris Yoder, 551 S. Maple St, Saugatuck, MI 49453.
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Thank you to David Yoder of Evanston, Ill for helping with the typing -1996

OH133- Peter b. 1763 m. Catherine Trout (Fraud)(a George Trout beside
Peter Yoder Rockland Twp, Berks 1790) d. Nov. 1836 (Tim Conrad research-'96)
(Per Donald Reed, Feb. 2004- Catharina trout was the second of 7 children of Baltzer (Balthauser) Troutt -their other children were George, eldedst son under 21 at the time of his father's death. George tried to keep his father's tanning business going and keep the family together. John was third, Jacob 4th, Abraham 5th, John Baltzer sixth, and Magdalena seventh)
+OH1331- Anthony (Dunie) b. 5/16/1786 Berks Co.
+OH1332- George b. (not listed by Sch Orph Ct record)
+OH1333- David b. (not listed by Sch Orph Ct record)
+OH1334- Jeremiah (Jared) b. c1795
+OH1335- Charles b m Catherine (not listed by Sch Orph Ct record)
OH1336- ?daughter b. ________ Gable (not listed with heirs)
OH1337- ?daughter b. ________ Love (sp?)(not listed with heirs)
+OH1338- Solomon b. 1800 Berks Co.
(added daughters from Sch. Co. Orphans Ct Docket 4 & 5, p 349 & 350)
OH1339- Sarah b. (9/5/1805-6/11/1882) m David Stein
(c1808- ) buried Howerter's Cem.(may be called "Salome" on stone)
OH133a- Hannah b c1788 m John (Johannes) Wolfgang
(Donald Reed has descendant data for a g-granddaughter Vatherine (Katy) A. Wolfgang (1856-1917 who m. Frank H. Schwalm)
OH133b- Maria (10/7/1797-9/19/1872) m George Hartlein (10/6/1805-8/14/1859)
(both buried at Jacob's Church, Reed Station, near Paxinos, Northumberland Co.)
OH133c- Catherine b c.1803 m Benjamin Neyschwinder
Orphans Court records from Sch. Co
pages 349 & 350- Peter Yoder- (OH133) died Nov 1836, wife Catherine.
Children: Sarah m David Stein, Hannah m John Wlfgang, Maria m Geo. Hartlein,
Catherine m Benj. Neyschwinder, Antony, Solomon, Jeremiah (died intestate leaving
11 children-- Joseph, John, Charles, Peter, Jacob, Nathan, Catherine, Elizabeth,
Anne, Caroline, Ely.
Comments by Tim Conrad- I believe that Peter Yoder's wife was
Catharina Trout. Anthony's death record confirms this. She was
likely the Catharina, daughter of Balthasar Trout and Eva Moser.
She was married 10 Aug 1783. This was shortly after her father
died, so she is single in the will. Peter had a land dealing with the
other Trouts and was a Tanner like his father in law, also
according to land records. Also, this was the only Trout family
in the area at the time. OK, Here's info on Peter's kids:
Hannah, married John Wolfgang-
1810 census, pg 826, Upper Mahantongo, 00100-00100
1820 census, pg 96, Upper Mahantongo, 100010-30010
1830 census, pg 68, Upper Mahantongo, 0001 001-1120 001
I figure Hannah born circa 1788. Not sure, but I think John is a Sr.
1820 census, pg 92, Upper Mahantongo, 210100-00100
1830 census, pg 069, Upper Mahantongo, 2010 01-1200 01
admin in OC 6:382- minors listed in OC 6:40 and 6:275
I figure Jeremiah born maybe 1795.
Maria married George Hartlein. 7 Oct 1797 - 19 Sep 1872.
She's buried with him at Jacob's Church, Reed Station, near Paxinos
in Northumberland Co. Some folks think his wife is a Moser/Masser/Mosser,
but I think they're confused by the fact that George Harlein's parents
were Conrad Hartlein and Elisabeth Moser. The records clearly show
she's a Yoder, d/o Peter.
George Hartlein:
1830 census, pg 67, Upper Mahantongo, 2000 1-0010 1
1840 census, pg 92, Upper Mahantongo, 1220 01-1000 11
1850 census, Upper Mahantongo, George 46, Maria 50, etc
1860 census, pg 571/#1411, Shamokin Twp, Mary 63, etc
Solomon, born circa 1800. census:
1820 census, pg 92, Upper Mahantongo, 100100-01000
1830 census, pg 69, Upper Mahantongo, 2210 1-0000 1
1840 census, pg 94, Upper Mahantongo, 3103 001-0100 01
1850 census, pg 383, Upper Mahantongo, Solomon 50, Elizabeth 48, etc
1860 census
1870 census, Hegins Twp, Solomon 70, etc
Catharine married Benjamin Neiswender. I have her born circa 1803. census:
1840 census, pg 94, Upper Mahantongo, 0100 1-2000 01
1850 census, Upper Mahanoy, Benjamin 35, Catharine 47, etc
Sarah married David Stein. David's will mentions Hartlein nephew in
Philadelphia. Sarah 5 Sep 1805-11 Jun 1882, buried Howerter's
(she may be called Salome on the stone, not sure offhand). Census:
1840 census, pg 093, Upper Mahantogo, 0000 01-0000 1
1850 census, Pine Grove Twp, David 39, Sarah 38, etc???
1880 census, pg 14/3/190/#134, Upper Mahantongo, David 72, Sarah 75
(and Sarah Yoder 12, servant)
a David Stein, will, Upper Mahantongo, 1888 (7:224)
mentions nephew Goerge J. Hartlein of Philadelphia
"Back to Peter - here's the deeds involved: 19:205 and 19:384 (one
for a deed and one for the bond - they looked the same to me basically
but I only have a copy of the one!) Here's the info from page 384.:

"Henry Schrekingast farmer and Harry Grining? both of Mahantonog Township in
the County of Berks and State.... That we are held and firmty? bound unto Peter
Yotter and Abraham Yotter of Mahantongo Township ... in the ful and just sum
of twelf hundred pounds lawful money of PA to be paid to the said Peter Yotter
and Abraham Yotter or to their certain Attorney Executor Administroarors or Assigns
...25 May 1802 ... for the sum of six hundred pounds ... paid by the above named
Peter and Abraham Yotter and by indnture... make over unto the said Peter
and Abraham Yotter two certain tracts of land containing in the whole three
hundred sixty five acres and 154 perches..."
Jacob Reiner (my ancestor) was the witness

So basically, Peter and Abraham had lots of trust with each other!
- Tim Conrad- May 97
OH1331- Anthony Yoder m. Sarah Howerter (1794- )
d. 12/1/1852 of consumption Upper Mahanoy Twp.,
Northumberland Co.,PA bur. Howerters Church Cem.
OH13311- Susan b.11/8/1818 m. Daniel K. Wetzel d. 12/27/1887
buried Howerters Cem.
OH13312- Elizabeth b.5/12/1815 m. George Moyer
(From Die Stimme Des Volks, Schuylkill County, Pa., German newspaper:
"Married Dec. 10, 1833, Mr. George Meyer and Miss Elisabeth Yoder,
Both of Upper Mahanontong Twp., by Rev. Stiele")
OH13313- Judith b. c1812 m. Samuel Neiswender
OH13314- Mary (Polly) b. 1825 died single
OH13315- Catherine (Kate) b. c1820 d..1888 m. Henry Hoffman
OH13316- Sybilla b. m. Jacob Zimmerman
OH13317- Sarah b. m. Jonas Kopenhauer (Coppenhafer)
+OH13318- Peter b. 3/10/1827
+OH13319- Harrison b. Oct.1828 m. Hannah _______
res. 1900 with Joal Yoder, res.1860 Sch. Elred Twp.
d. Sch. Co.
OH1331a- Eva b. ca1835 m. Daniel Stitzer
+OH1331b- Reuben b. c1819
Tim Conrad Notes- Anthony notes:
1820 Census, pg 096, Upper Mahantongo Twp1000 10-5001 0
1830 Census, pg 068, Upper Mahantongo Twp, 2010 001-1222 01
1840 Census ?
1850 Census, pg 250, Upper Mahanoy Twp, farmer, $2500 (Yetter in typed ver)
His kids:
Judith/Jude c1812 - ?, married Samuel Neiswender.
1840 census, pg 091, Upper Mahantongo, 11001-00001
1850 census, Upper Mahanoy, Samuel 38, Judith 38, etc
1860 census, pg 364/#430, Upper Mahanoy, Samuel 49, Jude 49, etc
Elisabeth and George Moyer (Elisabeth, b 12 May 1815- source?) census:
1840 census, pg 091, Upper Mahantongo, 00101-00001
1850 census, pg 393, Upper Mahantongo
Susan 8 Nov 1818-27 Dec 1889, married Daniel K. Wetzel. buried Howerters.
1840 census, pg 094, Upper Mahantongo, 0000 1-0000 1
1860 census, pg 448/#1150, Eldred, Daniel 42, Susan 42
1880 census, pg 8/3/187/#60, Eldred, Daniel K 63, Susanna 63
Reuben, born c1819?, died 22 Jan 1900. census:
1850 census, pg 036, Barry, Reuben 38, Sarah 28, etc
1860 census, #110, Barry, Reuben 39, Sarah 34, etc (next to Benneville Yoder?)
death in county record, pg 356 ( I think from memory it had parents as
"John" Yoder and Sarah!)
Sybilla and Sarah - no new info...
Catharina (Kate),born circa 1820, married Henry Hoffman. Census:
1850 census, pg 391, Upper Mahantongo, Henry 32 (carpenter), Catharine 30, etc
1860 census, pg 440/#1103, Eldred, Henry 41 (carpenter), Catharine 40, etc
Maria/Polly, born circa 1825. Apparenly alive in 1888, ref deed 98:332.
Maybe the Mary in Harrison Yoder's will.
Peter 10 Mary 1827-16 May 1868. census:
1860 census, pg 453/#1183, Eldred Twp, Peter 32 (stone mason), Henrietta 26, etc
Harrison (my ancestor, cencus:
1860 census, pg 452/#1181/1238, Eldred Twp, Harris 30 (stone mason), Hannah 26,
1870 census, #42/45, Upper Mahanoy Twp, laborer, $600/200, Mary Wetzel=servent,
also John Wagner
1880 census, #52/58, Upper Mahanoy Twp, stone mason, Mary Wetzel=servent
1900 census ?
Eva born circa 1830 and Daniel Stitzer, census:
1860 census, pg 364/#431, Upper Mahanoy Twp, Daniel 25, Eve 25, etc
OH13318- Peter Yoder (3/10/1827-5/16/1868 NU Co.) m. Harriet Klock
(2/18/1832-6/11/1912) (Harriett m2. Sebatsian Zimmerman (1830-1912)
(Harriet KLOCK, daughter of Jacob KLOCK and Polly MASSER.
Plum Creek, Rockefeller Township, Northumberland County.)
(ref. Genealogical and Biographical Annals of Northumberland Co, Pa,
OH133181- Maria Elizabeth b. 5/12/1852 d. <1860
OH133182- Sarah b. 4/11/1854 m. Lewis W. Hess (4/28/1851-
4/20/1925) d. 2/25/1907 bur. Howerter's Cem.
+OH133183- Lewis Adam K. b. 2/28/1856
OH133184- Emma (9/27/1856-12/26/1940) m. Joel W. Helper
(6/6/1854-11/23/1906) bur. Howerters Cem., Mahantongo Valley. Had son Herman.
OH133185- Juliann b. c1860 m1. Benjamin Fertig
m2. John Singmeister
OH133186- Christianna b. m. George Bennett
OH133187- William H. b. died young
OH133188- Peter b. res. Scranton

OH133183 Lewis Adam Yoder (2/28/1856-6/13/1913 bur Mt Carmel
Cemetery) m Sarah Herb (3/8/1856 Mahantongo Valley-
1947 bur Mt Carmel Cem)
(RHY cht; 1880 Census, Sch Eldred, Robert D.Yoder Cht)
OH1331831 Webster Herb (12/25/1877 Pittman,Pa-11/19/1971
Mt Carmel PA) m.6/15/1922 Findlay,OH Hattie Ruth
Dunathan (2/23/1893 Mendon,Oh-4/29/1981 Mt.Carmel,Pa)
OH1331832 Elmer (Charles E) Herb (10/7/1879 Mt Carmel PA-1959
bur Mt Carmel Cem)
OH1331833 Frank (b 11/2/1881 Pottsville PA)
OH1331834 Alice (b 9/22/1888 Mt Carmel PA)
OH1331835 Jeannie (b 9/22/1888 Mt Carmel PA)
OH1331836- Helen b. 1/12/1897

OH13319 Harrison Yoder (10/25/1829 Upper Mahantongo, Sch Co
-11/24/1901 Sch Co) bur.11/27/1901 "Union Church" (likely
St.Paul's Union Church in Pitman) stonemason
m 5/7/1853 Upper Mahanoy, NU Co, Hannah Wagner
(1860 Schuylkill Co - Eldred; 1880- NU-Upper Mah,
Tim Conrad data)
OH133191 Emia (b c1854-6/30/1861)
(".I since translated the note on the side of Emeie's
baptism (Taufshein) It says she died 30 Jun 1861
(starben). That's why Felix was the only heir.
Emie was in the 1860 census, so this date seems reasonable)
OH133192 Felix W. (b c1856- c2/6/1907) m 5/10/1879 Howerter's
Church, NU Co.,Pa Rebecka Miller (2/9/1857 Elred Twp,
Sch. Co,Pa- >1918) (1890 Census, Eldred Twp
"age 36 huckster")
("Harrison Yoder's will is recorded in Sunbury. He instructs his
son Felix (only child) to give some money to "Mary Yoder" who
can only guess was his unmarried sister. Felix sells Harrisons land
and I have Felix's little book with the sales records. I haven't
found where he actually gave Mary any money. Maybe she wasn't alive.
"Harrison's death is recorded in Pottsville. He died 24 Nov 1901
buried 27 Nov 1901 at the "Union Church". Likely St Paul's Union
Church in Pitman where his son Felix was buried shortly after this.
There is no stone there, and I'm waiting for a reply from the Church
confirming his burial there. His wife Hannah died sometime between
1880 and 1902. Hannah was a daughter of John Wagner and wf
Magdalena Kramer.I have the details of the above if anyone is interested...
Tim Conrad (

OH133192-Felix W.Yoder ( c1856-c2/6/1907)m 5/10/1879
Howerter's Church, NU Co, Pa Rebecca Miller (2/9/1857
Eldred Twp,Sch. Co,Pa->1918) (Tim Conrad 2/96)
OH1331921- Clara Yoder (10/4/1879 Pitman,Pa -4/30/1942 Frackville,PA) buried
St. Paul's Union Church, Pitman, PA. Married M. Oliver (Lorn) Wolfgang
before 1915. Also has a child out of wedlock:
Emma Yarling 1899-1934, buried at Heplers Church, Pitman, PA married
Charles Malick ( I believe Emma had the child called/named Bingo )
OH1331922- Mabel Yoder 2/27/1891 Pitman -3/10/1955 Richfield PA), buried
at Zion Evangelical Church, Pitman, PA. Married 5 Oct 1912 to James
Franklin Stehr.
+OH1331923- Harry M Yoder. (10/9/1894 Pitman,Pa -3/13/1976).
Buried at Hepler's Church, Pitman PA Married Carrie Fayette Wetzel.
(1894-1944) (D/O Elias & Lydia Hepler Wetzel. Buried Church of God Cemetery, Pitman, PA). 2nd wife was a Nona ___
+OH1331924- Fred M. Yoder (7/21/1896 Pitman,Pa-9/16/1968)
married Minnie Elizabeth Knerr onn 11 Aug 1917.
buried at Hepler's Church, Pitman, PA
OH1331925- Infant child.b. 15 Aug-d. 19 Aug 1902, buried 21 Aug 1902 at
St Pauls Church (family Bible says b 1 Aug-d.4 Aug 1902) b. Pitman,Pa

OH1331923- Harry M Yoder. (10/9/1894 Pitman,Pa -3/13/1976).
Buried at Hepler's Church, Pitman PA Married Carrie Fayette Wetzel.
(1894-1944) (D/O Elias & Lydia Hepler Wetzel. Buried Church of God Cemetery, Pitman, PA). 2nd wife was a Nona ___
(Mom thought he never had any children, but I found these census records:
1910 census, Eldred, #155/166, Harry 15, servant (at Harry J Gehres house)
1920 census, Shamokin, 118 Sunbury St, Harry Yoder 26 machinist at Knitting Mill, (Pa/Pa/Pa) Carrie 24 (Pa/Pa/Wales)
1930 census, Detroit City, Wayne Co, Mi, Harry Yoder, 36, PA, die setter, Auto Mfg. Carry 34 (Pa/Pa/Wales), Letha 10, Harry 3, Enose Poticher 30, nephew, Raymond Ressler 32, boarder (Harry born in Michigan, Letha in PA)
You can see that the Wayne Co, Michigan Harry seems an exact match (even his wife Carry is same age and has a mother born in Wales!). But there's two children! ­Tim Conrad, Tim Conrad t conrad1 @ ptd. Net

OH1331924- Fred M. Yoder (7/21/1896 Pitman,Pa-9/16/1968)
married Minnie Elizabeth Knerr onn 11 Aug 1917.
buried at Hepler's Church, Pitman, PA
children all born in Pitman (ref- Tim Conrad)
OH13319241-Abner Jay Yoder, 26 Jan 1918 - 17 Feb 1944, died during
WWII in New Guinea, buried at Manila American Cemetery, Manila
OH13319242-Claude Felix Yoder, 13 Aug 1919 - lives at homestead in Pitman
OH13319243-Elva Rebecca 15 Oct 1921 -
married Edwin Elias Hoch 20 Oct 1945. lives in Selinsgrove
OH13319244-Thelma Mae 7 Mar 1925 - married Edward C. Fisher 22 Jun 1945
in Decatur Alabama ,lives in Selinsgrove
OH13319245-Luella Emma 13 Feb 1927 - married Robert Earl Conrad Jr
10 Sep 1949, lives in Williamsport PA

OH1331b- Reuben Yoder m. Sarah Herring ( c1822- )
d. Jan.22,1900 Sch. Co., PA (James Huratiak data-10/96)
+OH1331b1- Andrew b. 1/27/1845 Sch Co
OH1331b2- Mary b. c1848 m. Henry Dengler
....OH1331b3- Amelia b. 25 Dec. 1847 d. 1 Jan. 1888
buried at Salem United Methodist Church cemetery in Mabel, PA.
m. Joel Header b. 10 Nov. 1848 d. 10 Dec. 1902
..... OH1331b---David
(bur. Row 12- St. John's (Kimmel's) Evang. Luth. Church Cem.
David b. 6/1/1851 d. 10/3/1856 5y 4m 2d)
OH1331b4- Elmira b. c1852 (b.1849-d.1917 m. Chas. Neumeister
Sch Co -seems same as Miah, listed below)
OH1331b5- Martha (Margaret) b. c1854 m. Wm. Nye
(?St. John's (Kimmel's) Evang. Luth. Church- shows a Vallentin b. 1/7/1853 and bapt. 4/4/1863, parents Reuben and Sarah)
OH1331b6- Emily b. c1855
+OH1331b7- Joel Cyrus (12/31/1856-6/27/1937) Bapt 3/10/1857 St. John's
(Kimmel's) Evang. Luth. Church) bur United Brethren Cem, Mabel.
PA. m1 Mary Thomas- left children in c1893, m2 Rose McCloud
m3 Mary Billman) (one source names wife as Mary Wetzel (sic?))
OH1331b8- Isreal b. c1858
(bur. Row 12- St. John's (Kimmel's) Evang. Luth. Church Cem.
Joseph d. 11/14/1858 d. 10/11/1860 age 1y 10m 28d)
OH1331b9- Amanda b. m. Albert Dunkelberger (1853-1909)
hus. Bur. Greenwood Cem. Trevorton, PA
OH1331ba- Walter b. m. Edna Tressler
(owner of Taylorsville hotel as was his daughter Letha) Walter died on his 84th birthday.-per Donald Reed)
+OH1331bb- Albert b. m. Saloma Arnold
(Albert L Yoder (1860-1923) m Saloma Arnold (1863-1945)
Ashland, PA)
+OH1331bc- Cyrus (c1865-1910) buried at Salem United Methodist
Church cemetery in Mabel, PA. m. Melinda Hollenbach
OH1331bd- Miah b. m. Charles Newsmeister
(children births & bapt. Shown St. John's (Kimmel's) Evang.
Luth. Church-1879, 1883, 1886)
(bur. Row 23- St. John's (Kimmel's) Evang. Luth. Church Cem.
Elmira (Yoder) Neumeister (1849-1917) Charles W. Neumeister

OH1331b1 Andrew Yoder (1/27/1845-4/20/1913 Mabel PA)
m Maria Wolfgang (11/-/1846-1/26/1920 Lavelle,Pa)
(bur. Row 9- St. John's (Kimmel's) Evang. Luth. Church Cem.
Andrew d. 4/20/1913 age 68y 2m 24d; Ann M. d. 1/26/1920 72y 2m 29d)
(James Yoder Jr cht 9/87; 1890 Census Sch Co;
1880 Sch-Barry Twp)
OH1331b11 Janie (1872-1948)
OH1331b12 William (b c1877)
OH1331b13 Sarah (b c1879-1940)
OH1331b14 Emma
OH1331b15 Katie m. _____ Snyder
(bur. Row 9- St. John's (Kimmel's) Evang. Luth. Church Cem.
Katie M. d/o Andrew & Maria d 3/22/1902 20y 10m 15d)
OH1331b16 Harry (c1884-1918)
OH1331b17 Oscar (c1885-1909)
(bur. Row 9- St. John's (Kimmel's) Evang. Luth. Church Cem.
Oscar d. 8/12/1909 23y 1m 15d)
OH1331b18 George (11/9/1887-2/12/1968 Sweet Valley,Pa)
m Lena Ermert (10/28/1896 Lavelle,Pa- 1964
Sweet Valley,Pa)

OH1331b7 Joel Yoder m Mary Wetzel
Joel Cyrus Yoder (12/31/1856 Deer Creek, Pa-6/27/1937 Helfenstein,
Sch. Co, Pa age 81 ) bur United Brethren Cem, Mabel, PA.
m1 Mary Thomas- "her mother lived in Danville, Mary left the
children in c1893, m2 Rose McCloud, m3 Mary Billman)
(Mary Deibler, York Springs Pa-1998)
OH1331b71 Hannah ( - ) m1. Levi Yeager ( - )
m2. Benjamin Young ( - )
+OH1331b72 Harry Cyrus Walter Yoder (12/13/1884-6/11/1960)
bur. Salem Evan. United Brethren Church Cem, Mabel, Pa
(when b. "s/o Joel Yoder age 28 and Mary Thomas-age 20) "
m. Minnie Mae Moser (9/5/1894-1/23/1949) - had 9 children
OH1331b73 Maudie J m1. John Miller m2. Harvey Hornsberger
OH1331b74 Clara (not shown in Deibler data--instead shows Laura)
Laura (12/20/1888- 11/-/1958) bur. Citizen Cemetery, Lavelle, Pa.
m. Harvey Snyder (10 children plus 4 died as infants)

OH1331b72 Harry Cyrus Yoder (12/13/1884-6/11/1960)
bur. Salem Evan. United Brethren Church Cem, Mabel, Pa
(when b. "s/o Joel Yoder age 28 and Mary Thomas-age 20) "
m. Minnie Mae Moser (9/5/1894-1/23/1949) - had 9 children
( Shannon Yoder)
OH1331b721- Pearl Elizabeth Yoder B) March 25 1910 in Mabel Pa
and Married Charles John Schapell November 10 1927,
OH1331b722- Charles Eldwood Yoder B) November 4 1911 Fountain
Springs and Died April 14 1982,
OH1331b723- Elmer Elsworth Yoder B) January 21 1913 in
Helfenstein PA married Hazel Helt on April 20 1935 in Frackville
and died June 14 1942 in Gowen City Pa,
OH1331b724- Joel Cyrus Yoder Febuary 17 1915 In Helfenstein Pa
and Died Sept 24 1938 in Helfenstein Pa,
OH1331b725- Harry Maelvin Yoder B) feb 12 1917
Aristes Pa and died March 5 1949 he married Betty Kochenour She was
born Dec 26 1929 Mechanicsburg Pa,
OH1331b726-Alverta Mae Yoder Feb 9 1919 Helfenstein Pa,
OH1331b727- Walter Alvin Yoder March 19 1921,
OH1331b728-Clara Minerva Yoder B) Doutyville Pa,
OH1331b729- Harlan Lamar Yoder Aug 11 1925.

OH1331bb Albert L Yoder (1860-1923) buried at Salem United
Methodist Church cemetery in Mabel, PA. well driller
m Saloma Arnold (1863-1945)
(1890 Sch Co Census; Mrs Daniel Green cht 11/93, Peggy Stauffer Cht-4/99)
OH1331bb1 Mabel W (1883-1932) m Irvin A. Klinger (1885-1978)
OH1331bb2 John Irwin (1883-1918) buried at Salem United Methodist
Church cemetery in Mabel, PA. m. Ida E. Yarnell (1882-1958)
OH1331bb3 Reuben C (b c1888) (?same as Monroe?)
OH1331bb3- Monroe (listed by Green as 3rd Reuben shown)
m. Polly
OH1331bb4- Edward m1 Emma Beury m2 Bertha Wiekel
OH1331bb5- Raymond m Lillie Knorr
OH1331bb6- O.W. Stanley (1900-1929) buried at Salem United Methodist Church
cemetery in Mabel, PA. m Mary Moser (1909-1979)
OH1331bb7- Ida Eva (2/7/1898-1967) m Earl Rolland Merwine (1897-1979)
OH1331bb8- Roy Sylvester (3/5/1903-1/31/1980) (per granddaughter Peggy
Stauffer, 14 Lawnton Rd, Willow Grove,Pa 19090-'97)
buried at Salem United Methodist Church cemetery in Mabel, PA.
m Sallie M. Troup (8/1/1905 or 1906-8/31/1996)
OH1331bb9- Ardella (1895-1897)
OH1331bba- Sarah (1885-1886)

OH1331bb6- O.W. Stanley (1900-1929) buried at Salem United Methodist Church
cemetery in Mabel, PA. m Mary Moser (1909-1979)
(per Peggy Stauffer-4/99)
OH1331bb61- Lester (1925-1928)
OH1331bb62- Charles S. (1930-1954)

- - - - - - -
Per James Huratiak date-10/96-The above information is from tombstones at buried
at Salem United Methodist Church cemetery in Mabel, PA. The following Yoder
information - On O. W. Stanley's tombstone there is a "Lester A." listed 1925-1928.
I believe it is his son. Ardella Yoder 1895-1897 and Sarah Yoder 1885-1886.
I believe these are daughters of Albert.
Charles S. Yoder 1930-1954. I don't know who he is.
Keith C. Yoder1954- . I don't know who he is, either.
(per Peggy Stauffer- Charles S. was son of Stanley, Keith was son of Charles S,
Ardella and Sarah were daughters of Albert & Saloma)
- - - - - - - -

OH 1331bc- Cyrus (c1865-1910) m. c1898 Malinda Hollenbach
(6/21/1880-7/2/1958). (Cyrus was dead by 5/2/1910 census
enumeration date) Cyrus is buried at Salem United Methodist
Church in Mabel, PA (James Huratiak data-Oct.96 & May '98))
+OH 1331bc1- Norman (6/7/1898-5/-/1984) m. 3/10/1928
Myra Ellen Shoffler Died in Kernville, CA
OH 1331bc11- Mariah
OH 1331bc2- Robert (1/20/1901-1951) m. Sadie H. (1907-1991)
Buried at Salem United Methodist Church in Mabel, PA
OH 1331bc21- Arlene
OH 1331bc3- Clayton (1904-1923) buried with Cyrus
OH 1331bc4- Elmer (1906-1916) buried with Cyrus
OH 1331bc5- Carrie (2/14/1908-9/18/1960) m. 6/26/1924
Peter Huratiak
OH 1331bc51- Jean (8/26/1924-9/4/1949)
OH 1331bc52- Glenn (9/16/1927-1/-/1975)
OH 1331bc53- Robert (8/5/1933-10/20/1994)
OH 1331bc54- James (3/3/1947- )
OH1331bc6- Earl (1/-/1910- )

OH1331bc1- Norman Yoder (6/7/1898 - 5/11/1984), died in Bakersfield, Kern
County, California. m. 3/10/1929 to Maria (Myra) Ellen Shoffler
(3/3/1913 - 2/6/2005), died in Lake Isabella, Kern County, California.
OH1331bc11- Maria Melinda (9/22/1929 - 1/29/1984), died in Santa Ana,
Orange County, California. m. 2/23/1946 to Kenneth R. Whary (Grandson to OH133819- Sarah (Sallie) Ellen Yoder and William Stine Whary)
OH1331bc12- Norman Allen (1/25/1933 - 12/22/1993), died in Boulder City,
Clark County, Nevada. m. to (1) Charleen Aletha Tyson (1951) and (2) Lois
Gail ?

OH1333- David Yoder m. Maria _____
OH13331- Jacob b. 8/27/1823 Howerters
OH13332- William b. 11/19/1824 "
OH13333- Amos b. 11/19/1824 "
+OH13334- Elias b. 10/13/1826 "
(Max Dinges data- Elias had sons Sinary and US Grant. M.D. is dec.
from Sinary- ?or maybe son of Jeremiah below?)

?+ OH13334 or OH13346- Elias
(children info from Marilyn Robb of Beaverdale, Pa- '96, Max Dines Cht '96)
-1- Sinary Yoder (1860-1936) m. Margaret Catherine Lucas (1864-1929)
(Sinary's first wife was Annie Lucas--no children. Then he married Margaret
Lucas--Walter and Corinda were the offspring. The third wife was Mary
Catherine Lucas (1868-1929)--Toner, Katherine, Amanda, and Dora were their
offspring.-Janis Noonan)
-11- Walter (1882-1963) m. Ruth Makepeace (1887-1973)
-12- Crinda (1884-196?) m. Florian Lucas ( - )
-13- Toner (5/25/1885-4/_/1963 res Pa (SSN)) m. Lillian Pugh ( - ) (Toner Yoder in my line. He was the son of Sinary Steven Yoder b. Feb 1, 1860. Uncle Toner was born May 25, 1886 I believe in Snowshoe, PA. His mother was Mary Catherine Lucas b. Aug 1868. I also have pictures of him and others in the family.-- Janis Noonan, Sep. 2002)( a ''Toner Yoder'' who married [Lillian Pugh?] They were both born in Pa. but later moved on to Ohio, Muskingum Co. Lillian was sister to a James Wesley Pugh. Lillian and Toner had children names i have are Margaret, Richard, Earl, Evelyn,and James Yoder. - Joan Blanton, Sep. 2002)
-14- Katherine (1885-1934) m. George Dinges (1881-1922)
-15- Amanda (1890-1965) m. Thomas Marion Gaines (1885-1964)
-16- Agnes (1904-1967) m. Leo F. Robb (1896-1967)
-2- Ulysess Grant Yoder (6/18/1865 Shamokin,Pa-10/10/1920) m.
Amanda Armenta Lucas (5/9/1871 Unionville, Center Co,Pa-
19__) buried Dunlo, Pa.
-21- Olive Glory
-22- Russell Roosevelt (9/19/1906-2/16/1917)
-23- Mabel Mae (8/11/1894-8/1/1962) m. Herbert Bateman
-24- Clair McKinley (6/30/1887-10/31/1952) m. Mercedes (Peggy)
Detandt (1/1/1901-2/21/1988)
-25- Selma m Warden Tabor
-26- Grant Jr. m. Agnes Imler
-3- Harry
-4- David
-5- Estella m_____ Smith, res. DuBois,Pa

She sent me this 1920 census report, of Summerhill South (now called
Beaverdale), Cambria Co., PA:

Head: Grant W. YODER Home rented age 55 b. 1865, PA
parents b. PA Occ: repairman, mine
Wife: Amanda A. age 48 b. 1872, PA
parents b. PA Occ: none
Son: William H. age 26 b. 1894, PA
Occ: foreman, coal mine
Son: Clair M age 21 b. 1899, PA
Occ: electrician, mine
Son: Grant age 17 b. 1903, PA
Occ: none
Dau: Selma age 9 b. 1911, PA
Occ: none
Father b. France Mother b. Belgium
My P.I. sent me an obit for Clair Yoder-- died 29 Oct. 1952, age 55 &
birth year is the census report of his being 21 must have been
result of lying about his age earlier, to get work? The obit is
courtesy of Mr. Bill Martin of the _Nanty Glo Journal_, Nanty Glo, PA,
where the mine accident took place. Mr. Martin is also town historian.

Clair m. the family servant, I guess! But i think the places of
birth for her parents are reversed...Louis Detandt came from
Antwerp, Clara Lermineaux from France...I think!

Clair McKinley Yoder is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery; Section E,
lot 461, grove #1. Mercedes is buried next to him, in grove #2.
Both names on one stone. (Is this LDS lady an angel, or what!)
Dona M. Avery
Department of English
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-0302
- - - - - - - - - - - -
From Janis Noonan
Sinary Yoder (1860-1936) m. Annie Lucas no children (Sinary sometimes
misspelled as Snary on census lists) m. Margaret Lucas
(Sinary's first wife was Annie Lucas--no children. Then he married Margaret
Lucas--Walter and Corinda were the offspring. The third wife was Mary
Catherine Lucas (1868-1929)--Toner, Katherine, Amanda, and Dora were their
1. Walter Yoder (1882-1963)m. Ruth Makepeace(1887-1973)
a. Violet Katherine Yoder (June17,1905-Feb 1906)
b. Dorothy Alwyn Yoder (Aug 19, 1906-Feb 03, 1996)m. Jay L. Kelly (1904-1987)
c. Ester Irene (Marie) Yoder (June 17, 1908-Feb 1909)
d. Walter Henry (Buss) Yoder (June 02, 1909-August 04, 1996)
e. Beatrice Helen Yoder (Jan 04, 1912-June 24, 1965) m. Unknown Ricker
f. Florence Isabelle Yoder (March 01, 1914- 1989)m. Donald Unknown, John Harvey
g. Blanche Elanore Yoder (January 15, 1917-still living)m. Unknown Minnerly
h. Robert Sinary Yoder (May 23, 1918-Dec. 1919)
i. Howard Wesley Yoder (May 23, 1920-Sept. 22, 1990)
j. William Howard Yoder(June 17, 1923-Sept. 28, 1978)m. Mary Ann Custer
k. Melvin Clair Yoder (Sept 18, 1927-Nov. 11, 1974)
l. Kenneth Louis Yoder (April 18, 1936-Aug. 28, 2000) (never married)

2. Corinda Violet Yoder (July 25, 1884-Dec 12, 1961)m. Florian Linford Lucas (1881-1961) m. Mary Catherine Lucas (Aug 1868-March 22, 1929)

1. Toner Scott Yoder (May 25, 1886-April 1964)m. Lillian Pugh(b. 1885)
a. James Yoder (June 30, 1904- June 29, 1992)
b. Evelyn Yoder(1906)
c. Earl Yoder (1911) twins with:
d. Margaret Yoder(1911)
f. Richard Yoder
2. Katherine Yoder (June 12, 1888-Dec 26, 1934)m. Reginald Dinges
3. Amanda Estella Yoder (Feb 17, 1890-July 1965) m. Thomas Marion Gaines
4. Agnes Dora Yoder (Oct. 24, 1904-Feb. 19, 1967)m. Leo Robb

Ulysses Grant Yoder (June 18, 1865-May 10, 1936)m. Amanda Armetha Lucas (May
09, 1871-May 15, 1921)
1. Roosevelt Yoder (Sept 19, 1906-Feb 26, 1917) I'm not sure about him or the dates because I could not find him in this household in the 1910 census)
2. Olive Glory Yoder (no dates on tombstone but buried with Ulysses and Amanda)
3. Mabel Mae Yoder(Aug 11, 1894-Aug 1, 1962)m. Herbert Bateman
4. Clair Yoder (June 30, 1887-Oct 31, 1952)m. Mercedes (Peggy) Detandt (1901-1988) listed as a servant in the 1920 census)
5. William H. Yoder (1892) seen on 1910 census as a son
6. Grant Yoder jr.(1902)m. Agnes Imler
7. Russell (1907) seen on 1910 census as 3 years old but not there on 1920 census
8. Selma (1911)m. Warden Tabor

Harry Yoder (1881-1911)m. Carrie Unknown
1. Ida May Yoder
2. John C. Yoder
3. Junietta Yoder
4. Maud Yoder
5. Tillie Yoder

David Yoder

Estella Yoder m. Unknown Smith

I hope this has been helpful. I just included children that I know of that
were born of Yoder males that carried the name. Corinda had several
children and others I know had children. My biggest source of that type of
information , my father, died 5 weeks ago. (son of Dorothy Alwyn Yoder
Kelly). I know this is not the format that you use but it is a way that I can
Understand === Janis Kelly Noonan, Sept. 2002
- - - - - - - - - - - -

OH1334- Jeremiah m. Catharina Fraud
d. <1840 died intestate leaving wife Catherine and 11
children- Sch. Orphans Ct Docket 4 and 5, p 349,350
order of children as given in p313 Sch petition by Peter R.
Klock, admin of Jeremiah Yoder, late of Up. Mahantongo Twp)
(Donald C. Reed, Lancaster, Pa-5/98)
OH13341- Joseph
+OH13342- John b m. Hannah Reed
d. <11/05/1856 of typhoid fever, Mohantongo Valley
OH13343- Ame (? same as Emma b 3/12/1822 bapt. 25 May 1822 Howerters)
OH13344- Catherine b 7/15/1824 bapt.12 Sep 1824 Howerters
OH13345- Carolina b c1825-30 m. David Seitz
OH13346- Ely b
OH13347- Charles b
OH13348- Peter b
OH13349- Jacob b
OH1334a- Nathan b Apr. 1835
OH1334b- Elizabeth b
(Per Donald Reed, Feb. 2004- possible Elizabeth Yoder b. 1839 and d. 15 jan. 1915, wife of Aaron Stuzman- ref'ed in "Descendants of Christian Stutzman")
added children as mentioned in other sources-
OH1334-- Felix b. m. Rebecca Miller
(? Felix (1855-1907) Rebecca Miller (1857-1935) St Paul Union
Evangelical Cem. Franklin Square, Eldred Twp- NO s/o
Harrison- OH13319)
OH1334-- Elias b. (?Ely above)
- - - - - - - - -
Orphans Court records from Sch. Co
page 313- Petition of Peter R Klock, Admin of Jeremiah Yoder, late of Upper
Mahantango Twp. died intestate: wife Catherine and 11 children: Joseph, John,
Catherine, Caroline, Ame, Ely, Charles, Peter, Jacob, Nathan and Elizabeth- some of
whom are still in their minority.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

OH13342- John Yoder m. c1848-49 Hannah Reed
dau. of Johann Geo. Ried(Rieth) and Anna Barbara Reitz of NU Co.
both died prior to 11/5/1856 in Mahontongo Valley of typhoid
+OH133421- Franklin R. b. 10/23/1853
OH133422- Elmira (Amniah) b. m. Peter Bopp
OH133423- Catherine (Katy) b. m. William Drivelberg
OH133424- Emma (Emeline) b. m. Daniel Rubendall

OH133421 Franklin R Yoder (10/23/1853-2/1/1914 bur Hegins(per fam Bible
d.2/17/1914 Text Isaiah 38:1) m Elenore (Ellen Caroline) Gabel
(RHY cht; 1880 Cens-Columbia, Locustdale,Family Bible,
Ruhl W. Yoder Cht)
OH1334211 Sarah Jane ( 9/4/1874-4/5/1933) m Jerome Herb
OH1334212 Irwin U (Ervin Ulysses) (6/15/1878 Locustdale PA-
5/11/1957 Reinerton, Pa) m 11/24/1901 Hegins
Ora Heckert (9/3/1881 Valley View,Pa-1/25/1962 Pottsville,Pa )
OH1334213 Harrison Theodore (9/30/1882 Gratz PA- )
m Ida Miller (8/8/1881- )
OH1334214 Emma Velira (9/1/1884- ) m James Burnside of Phila.
(4/20/18-- - )
OH1334215 Estella May (Stella) (1/11/1889) m Harvey Reed of Hegins
(9/14,1887- )
OH1334216 Elmer Franklin (12/15/1892-7/-/1970) m Emma Miller
(6/10/1892- ) Church of God minister at Elizabethtown &
Lancaster, PA
OH1334217 Earl Roy (9/9/1898- ) m Eva Dunkelberger
(had triplets died in infancy) Minister Church of God-
Rohrerstown.,PA )

OH1334a- Nathan Yoder (c1835-1/12/1883, Erie Co., Pa)
m1. _____ Detzler ( -by 1860)
m2. Jane Kunselman,(born c1845,Clarion County, Died 1866).
m3. Evana (Fryer) Yoder. (born 26 May 1850, Died 8 June 1905).
(1860, occupation "mason" single, age 25 with two children Schuy
Co Barry Twp; 1880, Erie Co Pa, N. Eas Twp)
OH1334a1- William,(Born 1 Oct 1855, Died 19 Nov 1932,
Bradshaw, Nebraska)("William Yoder of Bradshaw, Neb.")
OH1334a2- Lewis 8/12 (as of 16 June)
OH1334a3- Sarah (Ford) Yoder, (2/15/1862-8/8/1941Devils
Lake, ND) ("Sadie Ford, of Devils Lake, N.D")
m. John Ford,1860-1942. Daughter, Maude(Ford) Baird,
1884-1942. Husband Charles. All buried in Walnut Hills Cemetery.
Council Bluffs, IA. Sons Jack of Aurora, Ill, Charles of North Platte, Neb.
(who was ??Mrs C.E.Bird, of Council Bluffs, IA.)
OH1334a4- Reverend David Yoder (7/3/1866 Salem, Pa -9/19/1924
Somerset Co., Pa) ("This is my great grandfather").
OH1334a5- Elmer (c1868- )
OH1334a6- Johnny (c1874- )
In Uniontown, Pa. as of bro. David's obit
John Henry Yoder, (2/20/18741-1/29/1926. Buried in Oak Grove
Cemetery, Uniontown, PA. Wives name Lena (Jackson) Yoder
from Ohio Pile, Pa. She also is buried in Uniontown. Two children
Josephine(Crow) Yoder, b-1898 d-1949, Husband-Evans Curry Crow.
Son of John- John B. Yoder(Have nothing on him yet).
OH1334a7- Louisa (c1876- )
Louise(Malcom) Yoder also listed as
Anne E.L.(Malcom) Yoder, (7/22/1876-12/1/1925
m. Albert Malcom. She is buried in Oak Grove
cemetery next to her mother Eva. No sign of children.
OH1334a8- Lizzie E (c1877- )
(" Mrs Emma Mckean, of Uniontown.")
Emma (McKean) Yoder (11/16/1877-4/12/1937)
m. Attorney W. Cooke McKean Buried in
Sylvan Heights Cemetery, Uniontown, Pa.
Children William, Elizabeth Hogg, Martha Cowie.
OH1334a9- Rudolph (c1879 - )
("?Ralph Yoder, of Alemeda, California")
Ralph Jessie Yoder (8/20/1879-10/18/1925) Cremated
m. Hazel______. Son Alfred (1/11/1908-9/25/1987).
OH1334aa- Francis (>1880- )
(?"Mrs. Herman Keys, of Uniontown."
Francis (Keys) Yoder, (5/18/1881-1/31/1961) m.
Herman Keys D-1969. Daughter Jean (Augustine) Keys
B-28 Feb 1914 D-11 DEC 1998. No signs of children.

"I have Nathan Yoder being in Clarion County as of 7-Nov 1865,
he bought a house and 28 acres then, He sold it on
23-March 1869. I think the reason that he moved there was because
his Cousins Amos and Samuel Yoder lived in this area most of there lives.
Samuel is buried in Redbank twp. Nathan bought a house and 28 acres for
1000.00. He later sold it 7 Nov 1865. He enlisted in the Civil War from
there, He was in company B 169 reg't. Came back from the war sick from
something that he caught there. At this time he started preaching up until
his death. He died 12 Jan 1883, Erie County, Pa."
"His obit lists his parents as the Reverend and Mrs. Nathaniel Yoder.
Brothers and sisters as follows. John H of Uniontown. Mrs Emma
Mckean, of Uniontown. Mrs. Herman Keys, of Uniontown. William
Yoder of Bradshaw, Neb. Ralph Yoder, of Alemeda, California.
Sadie Ford, of Devils Lake, N.D. and, Mrs C.E.Bird, of Council Bluffs,
IA. Daniel Brooks, <>

OH1334a1- William,(10/1/1855-11/19/1932, Bradshaw, Neb.)
m. Sue Goode 6/17/1863 Milo, Ia-2/17/1959. Bradshaw, Neb.)
OH1334a11- Doctor Gwynne Holmes Yoder, (12/13/1885-10/25/1965)
m. Ada Claire Yoder, (9/19/1890 Neb. 9/24/1975)
(here daughter-Gwendolyn A. Gingery, b-30 Aug 1918 York Neb.
d-23 Jan 1992 Lincoln, Neb.)

OH1334a4- Reverend David Lincoln Yoder (7/3/1866 Salem,
Clarion County.Pa -9/19/1924 Somerset Co., Johnstown, Pa)
Heart attack. Buried in Ringgold, Pa m. Jennie Bell Wise
(1873-1958) Buried in Ringgold beside the Reverend.
("This is my great grandfather"-Dan Brooks, 3956 Kirtland Road,
Willoughby, Ohio. 44094)
OH1334a41- Paul Leroy Yoder, No information on him yet. What I do
know is that his wifes name was Edith and they both worked for the railroad.
They both died from what I've been told in Broward County, Florida. Can't
seem to pull much from them people down there, HELP!.
OH1334a42- John Nathaniel Yoder, Nothing except that he was in the navy.
OH1334a43- Ruth Irene(Johns) Yoder, 1924 Address was Johnstown, Pa.
OH1334a44- Mary Bell Yoder, last known address was in Johnstown in 1924.
OH1334a45- James Wesley Yoder(my grandfather) Born 21 August 1902 Winber, Pa,
Died14 Jan 1961 Willowick, Ohio. Buried in Willoughby, Ohio. Wife
Edna (Ressler) B-1902, D-1962.

OH1334a45- James Wesley Yoder(my grandfather) Born 21 August 1902 Winber, Pa,
Died14 Jan 1961 Willowick, Ohio. Buried in Willoughby, Ohio. Wife
Edna (Ressler) B-1902, D-1962.
OH1334a451- Children- Jay Yoder b-23 March 1923 d-19 March
1948. (Car accident), No children.
OH1334a452- Charles David Yoder b-10 Jan 1925 d-7 July 1989. WW1 Vet,
Died in Sandusky, Ohio. No Children.
OH1334a453-- Dorthy Louise(Sheneman) Yoder Born-2 Aug 1926,
Still alive Son Wilber Sheneman Dead Daughters Karen Ravera, L
iving in San Diego California, Daughter Donna
Sulzman, living in Leroy, Ohio. Dorthy lives in New port Richie Florida with
my mother Wanda.
Next- Wanda Lee(Brooks) Yoder B-16 Jan 1937, Still alive,
Living with Husband Richard and Sister Dorthy. (Wandas children listed after
James). Children of Wanda Yoder, Daniel
G Brooks(me) B-18 Sept 1957, Lives in Willoughby, Ohio. Brandon Brooks B- 18
Sept 1967. Lives in North Carolina.
Next- James Leroy Yoder B-11 April 1948 D-1997. Buried in Abiline,
Texas. One daughter Jamie, lives in Abiline.


OH1334a9- Ralph J. Yoder (c1880 Pa- ?<1920) m. Hazel M. Hintze (1887 Ca- )
res 1910 Alameda, Alameda City (1920 Census- gone from family, but
listed in bro. David's 1924 obit as living Alameda, Ca)
OH1334a91- Alfred H. (c1909 Ca- )

OH1335- Charles Yoder m. Catherine _________
OH13351- Josha (Josua) b. 10/2/1818

OH1338- Solomon Yoder m. Elizabeth Sherman (1801-1873)
d. Feb. 1880 res. Hegins, Mahantongo Valley
+OH13381- Isaac b. 11/20/1819 Howerters
+OH13382- Solomon b. 4/30/1820 "
+OH13383- Benneville b. 4/25/1823
+OH13384- George b. 3/4/1825
OH13385- Christina (1831-1911) m. Edward Sherman (1832-1912)
res. Clarion Co, Pa near Strattonville. d. Strattonville Fam went to KS & SD
(Brian J. Newton,Decatur, Ala.-6/98,
or home page:
(1. OH13385 - Christina Yoder m. Edward C. Sherman Both Christina and Edward died in Helen Furnace, Clarion, PA. They are both buried in the Asbury Methodist Church Cemetery, Clarion Tp, Clarion, PA. (I have pics of the stone)
Edward died at the home of his daughter, Sarah Catherine Lucas.
(Helen Furnace was originally named for the Scot miners: called "Hieland"
furnace and pronounced Heelan' (Scottish)(named for the highlands). During the
years it evolved into Helen Furance but is still pronounced Heelen.)
Have a copy of both of their obits if you would like them. Let me
know. I grew up with all these people. Christina is my great grandmother and
her portrait is hanging in my living room along with the one of Edward. Their
son, Jesse, (Josiah) is my grandfather.
It is sad that Christina died in 4 May 1911; Edward died 26 Apr 1912;
my grandfather, Jesse, died 1 Aug 1912 and his sister, Sarah Catherine Lucas
died 9 days later on 9 August 1912.-- Dee Dupuis, Nov 2003)
+OH13386- Samuel b. 2/19/1833
+OH13387- Amos b. c1834
OH13388- Sarah b. 1837 m. John Baldwin d. 1922
+OH13389- William Sherman b. 10/16/1837 Hegins
+OH1338a- John B. b. c1840
OH1338b- Emanuel b. 3/27/1843 bapt. Howerters
OH1338c- Abraham b. died young
OH1338d- David b. d. Sch. Co. homestead

OH13381- Isaac Yoder (11/20/1819, chtn'd at Howerters-11/14/1890)
m. Catherine Biesel bur. Shamokin Cemetery (Isaac- "of medium height,
very heavy but neat and always cheerful")
(Meisers's data, 1880 Cens, 1860 Sch Co, Mrs. Harveen Hockman data-96)
OH133811- Henriette b. 8/3/1841 m. Joseph Kopp bur. Shamokin
OH133812- Fayette (Fiatta) b. 10/20/1844 m1. Daniel Holabaugh
( -1873), m2. Charles Biddle- killed in mine, m3. Elias
Shompe lived in Hegins, PA no issue
OH133813- Catherine b. 8/20/1845 m. 1866 Emanuel Adam Derk (Dirk)
(GAR) (5/2/1846-1871 hunting accident- bur. Old St.Peter's Cem,
W. Cameron Twp) d. 7/2/1934 bur.Shamokin Cem.
+OH133814- Jeremiah b. 10/9/1849 m. Martha Clark (c1854- )
d. 4/23/1904 bur IOOF Cem. Shamokin
OH133815- Edward (?(6/29/1852-9/23/1920)) m1. Clara Folk
m2. Maggie Hoffman (per Sch.Co. records- 7/1/1852 Up Mah Twp)
OH133816- Elizabeth b. d. age 3
OH133817- William b. died single
OH133818- Priscilla b. c1879 m. Frank Siberson
OH133819- Sarah Ellen (Sallie) (12/8/1863 Big Mountain,Pa-1/2/1931
bur. Shamokin Cem) m. William Stine Whary ( - )
(HELEN CULP, 4/98-,g-granddaughter)

OH133814 Jeremiah Yoder (10/9/1849-4/23/1903 IOOF Cem, Shamokin)
m Martha J Clark (1843-12/23/1921 IOOF Cem)
(1880 Cens NU Shamokin)
OH1338141 George (b c1873)
OH1338142 Amanda (b c1874)
OH1338143 Minnie A (b c1877)
OH1338144 Priscilla (b c1879)

OH13382- Solomon Yoder m. Elizabeth __________ (c1826- )
bur. Mt. Pleasant Cem. Knoxdale, Jefferson Co., PA.
OH133821- Adam b. c1846 (?m. Regina Friedline b. c 1849,
?1880 Clearfield Co, wife Regina-31 and 5 children)
OH133822- Elizabeth b. c1849
- - - - - - - - - - -
2. OH 13382 - Solomon Yoder (b. 1821) OBIT:
On Saturday night, November 19th, at 11 o'clock, Father Solomon Yoder
closed his eyes to all that is mortal, having lived 83 years, 6 months and 9
days. Born in Schuylkill County April 30, 1821, he moved to Jefferson county in
1859, where he resided up to his death. He was a son of Solomon Yoder and had
two sisters and ten brothers, of whom one sister, Mrs. Edward Sherman of
Strattanville, and three brothers, William S. Yoder of Knoxdale, Amos Yoder of
Hawthorne and John Yoder of Higginsville, are living. His wife, Elizabeth Yoder
died November 25th, 1889. Since that time he made his home with his son, George
Yoder of Knoxdale. Mr. Yoder had a family of eight children, three of whom
survive him, Adam Yoder of Newtonburg, George Yoder and Mrs. Christena Wolf of
Knoxdale. The funeral services were conducted on Tuesday, November 22nd by Rev.
W. G. Fulton, in the U. B. church, after which interment was made at Centre
Hill cemetery. It is worthy of note that Father Yoder yet walked to the polls
on election day and cast his vote for the most popular man in the United States
for president. Father Yoder has been a Christian and a consistent member of
the U. B. Church since about the year 1860, when we first learned to know him.
(The Brookville Republican - November 24, 1904, p. 7)

-----Solomon Yoder, of Knox township, died last Saturday, Nov. 19th, after a
short illness, aged 84 years. (The Jeffersonian Democrat, Thursday, November
24, 1904, p. 8)
In the DEATH BOOK #2, p. 294, Brookville, Jefferson, PA:
YODER, Solomon, 83y, 6m, 9d. "m" b. Schuylkill Co. Laborer. d. 11/19/1904 at Knoxdale. "Comsumtion" 8 mos. bu. Center Hill Cem. 11/22/04. (I have not been able to find Centre Hill Cemetery but will be able to really search the area once I'm all moved and settled. There is no mention of such a cemetery in any records for locating graves.) .-- Dee Dupuis, Nov 2003
- - - - - - - - - - -

OH133821 Adam Yoder (6/2/1845-11/27/1919 bur Mt Carmel, Clover Run
Clearfield Co PA) m 5/7/1870 Regena Freedline (4/11/1849-
2/5/1917) (1880 Clearfield, Bell; Hazel Fleming-Sol Bible
Recd 10/94)
OH1338211 Samuel Edward (5/5/1871 Knoxdale-9/14/1929 killed by a train at
work) m Alice Rupert
OH1338212 William James (6/5/1873-11/6/1915 of typhoid fever)
m Jennie Bowers
OH1338213 Harry Franklin (2/27/1877 Knoxdale-10/6/1955 Lewistown PA)
m Lottie Peace (9/22/1893-3/1965 Lewistown)
OH1338214 Sarah Armintha (2/27/1877 Knoxdale-7/6/1960 bur Clover Run)
m Charley Daisher
OH1338215 Norman Clide (5/17/1880 Clearfield Co-1/13/1947)
m Virginia Johnston (12/1/1890-8/18/1971) both bur Mt Carmel
Cem, Clover Run, Rt1, Mahaffey PA

OH13383- Benneville m. Esther Reinert (1/16/1822-7/28/1890)
d. 2/16/1881 bur. Hegins, Esther bur. Tower City, PA
(data from Donald Reed- Benneville Jotter, b. 15 Jan 1823 and
bapt 8 May 1823, sponsors Wilhelm Stitzer and wife Lydia (Reiner).
Benneville is bur. In Friedens Lutheran Ch. Cem, Hegins, Pa.,
In the 5th row, left side of the main Cem. Road leading from the
church between the tombstones of Gabriel Reed and Philip Reed.
His stone reads "Benneville Yoder, born Jan. 15, 1823, died
Feb. 16, 1880, age 57 years, 1 mo., 1 day". This writer does
not know why he is buried between the two Reeds. His wife is
not buried with him. At. St. Paul's Evangelical and Lutheran
Cem. In Tower City, there is a stone marked as follows: "Hattie,
Wife of Benneville Yoder, 13 Jan. 1822-25 July 1890 age 68-6-12"
This is in a plot with William Geist, b. 9 Mar. 1847
d. 1 Oct. 1888 age 41-6-22, Mary N. wife of Wm.
b. 13 Aug. 1852 d. 12 Apr. 1889 age 36-7-29. Amos M.
son or Wm & Mary Geist b. 18 Dec. 1873 d 23 Apr. 1893
age 19-4-5 and Irwin Geist d. 26 Aug, 1906 22-8-22)
+OH133831- Simon R. b. 9/14/1849 Bapt. 10/21/1849 (St. John's (Kimmel's) Evang. Luth. Church)
OH133832- Mary Ann b. 8/31/1852(sic 8/13/1852?) Bapt. 9/11/1852
St. John's (Kimmel's) Evang. Luth. Church) m. Wm. Geist d. 4/12/1899
OH133833- Joshia b. died young
+OH133834- Amos R. b. 9/15/1856
OH133835- Esther b. 1857 m. Albert Aesman
OH133836- Benjamin Franklin b. 3/9/1862 m. Christina
Hornsberger d. 11/2/1904

OH133831 Simon Reiner Yoder (9/14/1849-9/19/1897)
m 10/29/1876 St John's Evangel Ch, Tremont, Pa
Alice May Warfield (5/7/1855-4/14/1922)
resident of Hegins, PA, Schuylkill Co
(RHY cht; 1880 Cens Sch Hegins; 1890
County Census, Lisa Yoder, Mike Knauer)
OH1338311 Kate E (b 5/27/1877) m John A Wolf (3/17/1876-12/4/1914)
OH1338312 L (Laurence E) Ambrose (b 10/23/1878)
m Elizibeth Heimberger (b 8/8/1880)
OH1338313 Carrie (b 3/6/1881) m Thomas Ferguson of Stroudsburg
OH1338314 Sadie Alice (10/18/1882-1975) m Howard Clayton Knauer Sr.
OH1338315 Edna (b 1/8/1895) m Paul Stroudt
OH1338316 Harry Simon (5/25/1887 Higins,Pa- m
Margaret Heimberger ( Hamburg,Gy- )
OH1338317 Amos R (5/26/1889- ) m1 Bessie Stahl res. Hegins PA
M2 Emma Schroyer (m1st? a ___ Smeltz) Had children by both wives
OH1338318 Emma (?Olena E) (9/3/1891- ) res. Stroudsburg PA
OH1338319 May Alice (4/3/1894-11/16/1919)

OH1338317 Amos R Yoder (5/26/1889- ) m1 Bessie Stahl res. Hegins PA
M2 Had children by both wives
OH13383171- Alverta B.

OH133834 Amos R Yoder ( -11/23/1886) m Mary Bressler
(RHY cht; 1880 Cens Sch, Hegins)
OH1338341 Flora Prulla (b 8/21/1879 Fountain, Sch Co, PA)
m George Bressler (b 1882)
OH1338342 Clarence Vincent died young
OH1338343 Harper Allen (9/7/1881 Tower City PA-1/-/1972)
m Priscilla Bressler
OH1338344 Lee Emery (b 1/4/1885 Tower City PA)

OH133836 Benjamin Franklin Yoder (3/9/1862-11/2/1904)
m Christina Hornsberger (RHY cht)
OH1338361 Lynn Emerson (12/29/1891 Johnstown, Sch Co PA- )
(b.11/22/1881 bp 2/5/1882 St Joh Evangel Luth Ch, Tremont, Pa)
m1. Anna Lee Samsel m2. 1943 or 44 Bessie Clayton Sample
(YNL Note- Lynn Emerson Yoder did extensive work in gathering
data on the history of the Yoder family in Pa)
(Child William Sampsell Yoder (10/8/1906- 9/8/1914 age almost
8 of diptheria Pineville,KY) Lynn Yoder, later a resident of Fairmont,
WV, was involved in mining.
OH1338362 Ray Wagner (b 1883) paralyzed and totally blind age 30
OH1338363 Henry Stanley died in US Navy
OH1338364 Winnie Dell m Charles Horn
OH1338365 Esther m Russel Nolf
OH1338366 Benjamin Franklin Jr m Helen Jacobs
OH1338367 Elverna

OH13384- George Yoder m. Judie Klock (4/20/1834-12/25/1914)
d. 3/26/1900 both bur. Howerters church
OH133841- David Wilson b. 10/10/1873 m. Charlotte Keheres
OH133842- Nathan b. c1855 died young
OH133843- George Washington b. 1/25/1861 m. Mary A. _____
d. 4/25/1885
OH133844- Elmira b. 9/4/1856 m. Daniel Reinert (11/19/1842-
5/5/1919 d. 7/25/1908
OH133845- Sarah b. c1859 m. Joseph Fenschtermacher
OH133846- Maria A. b. c1866 m. Nathan Neiswender (2/2/1857-
1/28/1916) d.6/20/1917
OH133847- Amelia (? Annetta b.c1853) died young
OH133848- Emma b. c1868 m. Christ Weist

OH133843- George Washington Yoder (1/25/1861-4/25/1885) m.
Mary A. _____ ( - ) bur. Salem Church cem., Up. Mah.Twp,
Schuylkill Co, Pa
OH1338431- William F. (8/5/1882-11/20/1884) bur. Salem Church cem.,
Up. Mah.Twp, Schuylkill Co, Pa
OH1338432- Carrie E. (9/17/1884-12/7/1884) bur. Salem Church cem.,
Up. Mah.Twp, Schuylkill Co, Pa

OH13386- Samuel Yoder m. 9/4/1856 Margaret Rockey (Lettie) (c1837- ),
Was POW at Andersonville,SC ("moved to Clearfield Co.-per Richard
H.Yoder of Bechtelsville research) d. 7/ /1880 bur. Fristburg, Clarion Co.,PA
(Samuel is buried in Redbank twp- <> Feb. 2001)
(sons "Samuel (sic?) and Solomon went to Mon. & Wyo.")
(Per Terry Yoder" You show him moving to Clearfield County,
All my family records show no evidence of this. He lived his entire
life after being born in Schuykill Cny and moving to Clarion County
in 1856 in the New Bethlehem area, I have been to the site of the old
homestead. He is buried in an old cemetery between New Bethlehem
and Brookville Pa. in Clarion County" "His sons Amos and Solomon
went to the Dakota territory, Amos returned to New Bethlehem,
but Solomon went on West, I would like to locate that line.")
OH133861- Frany b. c1856 (not in bible)
OH133862- Solomon J. b. c1857 (Living in Dakota in 1905)
OH133863- Sarah b. c1859
+OH133864- Amos R. b. 2/11/1860 d 7/4/1937 m Sylvina Young
res. Ashland, PA. (Living in Truittsburg in 1905 )
OH133865- John W. b. c1862
OH133866- Cath. J. b. c1866
OH133867- Mary E. b. c1868
OH133868- Sarah E. b. c1871
OH133869- David H.H. (Henry) (12/-/1873-3/18/1905 Pumptown,
Clarion Co, Pa. Buried Paradise Cem.) died of consumption, was
"a prominent carpenter in New Bethlehem, Pa)

OH133864- Amos R. Yoder ( 2/11/1860- 7/4/1937) m 12/19/1878
Sylvina Young ( - ) res. Ashland, PA. res New Bethlehem, Pa.
(Terry A. Yoder Cht)(1900-Clarion, Red Bank- with mother Margaret
b. 9/-/1835, brother Henry b. 12/-/1872 & nephew Homer Drayer b. 7/-/1894)
OH 1338641 Mae Yoder b.1879
OH1338642 David William b. 1880
OH1338643- Wiley S. (Samuel Wiley) (2/7/1882-4/6/1968) m
Floella Sayers (12/6/1889-5/_/1981 res Pa)
OH1338644 Elizabeth b1884
(Leora b. 7/-/1885 SD (?))
OH 1338645 Margaret b. 1886 (12/-/1890)
OH1338646 James b.1890 (11/-/1895)

OH13387 Amos Yoder (5/8/1835 Pa-10/25/1916 of "heart disease and
indigestion" at age 81y 5m 17d at Red Bank Twp., Armstrong Co.,Pa,
bur. 10/27/1916 at Pierce, Pa. by J.F. Sloan of Hawthorne, Pa)
m. Lydia Klock (7/17/1850 Pa- 9/5/1934 age 84y 1m 19d at Red Bank Twp,
Armstrong Co., Pa, died of "myocardites" and "arterio sclerosis",
bur. Pierce, Pa 9/7/1934 by H.H. Sloan of Hawthorne, Pa)(dau.of Abraham
Klock and Judith ____) res. Red Bank Twp., Armstrong Co, about
2 miles from Hawthorne, Clarion Co, Pa. stonemason
bur. Hawthorne PA, Clarion Co. (Margie Myers-
(1880 & 1900 Cens- Armstrong Co, Red Bank Twp; Carol A. Brown-'99)
("Amos is buried in New Salem, Clarion County, wife Lydia beside him.
On Amos headstone it states that he was born 1834, not 1835. Her headstone
reads correct."- <> Feb. 2001)
OH133871- Mary C. b. c1870
OH133872- Rabecca J. b. c1875
OH133873- Azor H. b. c1876
OH133874- Martha V. b. c1879
(Mattie m. w1 Harry Albert Myers d. 1902)
OH133875- Oscar b.
OH133876- Tena b. 9/8/1880 Brookville,Pa m. w2 Harry Albert Myers,
d. 12/31/1943 Butler, Pa.
<> July 12, 1999 12:20 AM
Teny Yoder.Father is Amos Yoder---mother not known.Teny was
born Sept 8,1880.She had a sister Mattie.They both were married to Harry
Albert Myers.She was born in Brookville ,Pa and died in Butler,Pa
on Dec.31,1943 Both parents were supposeably born
in Brookville also.Mattie died in 1902.
Thank You,
Carol A.(Myers) Brown

OH13389- William Sherman Yoder m. Aug. 1856 Sarah Haupt
(9/20/1835- ) moved to Jefferson Co.,PA mem. United
Brethren Church, also had 3 children who d. in infancy
d. Apr.3,1919 Knoxdale, PA of cerebral hemorage
OH133891- Charles Donald b. 12/7/1857 died single res. of
Cooksburg, PA d. 1922 Mt. Pleasant Cem.,Knoxdale, PA
OH133892- Catherine M. b. 4/14/1860 m. David M. Steele
res. Wash., Jeff. CO., d. 1918 -2 children
+OH133893- John Baldoes b. m. Florence Eberhardt res. Shelton,
Washington state. d.10/27/1934 in forest fire at Placerville, CA
trying to save placer gold washing, one child- Joshua E.
+OH133894- William Henry b. 3/20/1863 m. Cora Parantha Geist
a grocer of DuBois, PA -5 children, d. 2/ /1933
bur, Tarantum Cem, Tarantum, PA.
OH133895- Joshua Elisha b. 3/ /1865 m. Edith May Bergman
(10/26/1893-1/9/1919) lumberman Shelton, Wash. one son who
died. He d. 2/18/1931 near Coleville, Leadpoint, Wash.
OH133896- Sarah Rebecca b. 1865 m. Albert Sebring d.1948
res. Knox Twp., Jefferson Co.- 5 children
OH133897- Margaret Amelia b. 7/27/1868 m. Joseph John Thompson
res Knox twp., d. 1931 2 children
OH133898- Mary Christina b. 3/9/1871 m1. J. Histoner
m2. George Waldo d. 1940 bur. Mt. Pleasant Cem., Knoxville,PA
OH133899- Esther Anna Viola b. 1/7/1873 m. Joseph Green
d. 1939
OH13389a- David Edward b. 1/3/1875 m. Laura ______
res. DuBois
OH13389b- Isaac Miller b. 1877 m. Olive Webber d. 1955
OH13389c- Samuel Wallace b. 10/13/1883 m. Laura Eshbaugh
d. 11/20/1965

OH133893- John Baldoes (Baldos?) Yoder ( -10/27/1934 in forest fire at
Placerville, Ca trying to save placer gold washing) m.
Florence Eberhart res. Shelton, Washington state.
OH1338931- Joshua Edward (1/3/1897 Shelton, Wa- ) m.
Adaline ______ res. Los Angeles,Ca
OH1338932- George (7/8/1905 Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, Wa- )
"Hi! My grandmother's aunt, Florence Eberhart married John Bernard Yoder
in the 1890s in the state of WA in Mason County, probably. They had two
sons: Edward b. 01-03-1897 in Shelton, Mason County, WA and George b.
07-08-1905 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA. Florence's home when my
grandmother was young was in Aberdeen, WA where she ran a boarding
house. I just wondered if anyone needed to connect with any Eberhart
descendants. There is Florence's brother George's descendant, Mike L.;
there is Florence's sister, Rosa's descendants, Joy M. and Bill A.; and
there is myself a descendant of Florence's sister, Martha.
I was wondering what happened to the marriage of Florence and John Yoder
because I think they were divorced.
I remember meeting Ed & Adaline and Ruby Yoder when I was a girl living
in the L.A. area.---Edith "Edie" Sando, Oct.1999
Hi! We have John Bernard Yoder and I heard that he was a fireman. One
of their sons was a fireman, also. The other son was an officer in the
Navy and lived in San Diego, CA.

We have:

Susannah Florence Eberhart was born March 12, 1868 in Buffalo, Dallas
County, MO and died June 25, 1931 in Los Angeles, CA. She married John
Bernard Yoder after 1888. He is the son of William Yoder and Sarah

They had three children:

Edward Joshua Yoder, b. Jan. 03, 1897 in Shelton, Mason County, WA; died
Dec. 13, 1972 in San Fernando Valley, California.

George Bernard Yoder, b. July 08, 1905 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA;
died May 01, 1963 in Hacienda Heights, California.

William Yoder b. and died Unknown in infancy.

Edward married Adaline Hillgrove Feb. 10, 1918. They had two children:
Donn Warrington Yoder, b. Oct. 09, 1919 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA
and James Emerson Yoder, b. Aug. 24, 1924 in Aberdeen, WA.

George Yoder married Ruby Margaret Long Feb. 24, 1925 in Aberdeen, Grays
Harbor, WA. They had two children:
George Dale Yoder, b. July 08, 1927 in Aberdeen, WA and died Feb. 10,
1983 in Rowland Heights, Los Angeles County, CA.-- Edie Sando

OH133894- William Henry Yoder (3/20/1863- 2/ /1933 ) m.
Cora Parantha Geist ( - ) a grocer of DuBois, PA bur, Tarantum Cem,
Tarantum, PA. (1900- Clearfield Co, Duboise)
OH1338941- Parantha (2/-/1885-1908)
OH1338942- Samuel M. (2/-/1887 or 1888-1925)
OH1338943- Floyd (7/-/1890- ) res. New Kensington,Pa
OH1338944- Albert S. (4/-/1893- ) res. New Kensington,Pa
OH1338945- John (1/-/1896- ) res. New Kensington,Pa
OH1338946- Olive L. (6/-/1898- ) res. New Kesington,Pa
OH1338947- Florence Catherine (1901-1923) m ___ Allshouse ( _ )
OH1338948- Sarah Pauline (1904-1941) m ___ Walters ( - )

OH1338a- John B. Yoder, a miner m. Sarah_______ (c1838- )
OH1338a1- Lizzie b. c1862 m. Samuel Klock
OH1338a2- Donald b. c1864
OH1338a3- Alice b. c1866
OH1338a4- Fietta b. c1868 m. _____ Miller of Ashland,PA
OH1338a5- Monroe b. c1870
OH1338a6- Jane b. c1877 m. Henry Schrope
OH1338a7- Hannah b. c1878 m. ______ Walker

OH1338623- S. Wilcy b 2/7/1882 married FloElla Sayers 12/6/1889 in 1918
Wilcy lived his entire life in the New Bethlehem area
died 4/6/1968 FloElla Died 5/20/1981
(1998-From Terry A. Yoder, s/o OH133862322-
Ronald L. Yoder b. 3/22/1933)
OH 13386231- Josephine b. 1909 d. infant
OH 13386232- Gerald B. Yoder 9/23/1910 d.2/24/1983 m. Margaret Pence 5/16/1931
Margaret d. 7/13/1966 lived in New Bethlehem, Pa.
Oh 13386233- Gladys Yoder
OH13386234- Palmer Yoder b. 1915
OH13386235- Dale Yoder b. 1918 d. 1944 WW2
- - - - - -
"Dale Yoder was my grandmothers first husband.
Born 18 Mar 1921 in New Bethlaham,Pa.
Believe he served in the Army Air Corp. during WW II.
Was killed 27 Nov 1943 in the Mediterrainian when the
trooptransport he was on, the HMT Rohna was sunk
by a German HS293 glidder bomb that was drooped on it by a
Heinkel 177 bomber. HMT Rohna set sail from Oran,Algeria
enroute to Bombay,India on 25 Nov 1943 it was torpedoed
on 26 Nov 1943.1,135 were killed in what is known as one of the
biggest US military disasters." , Dec. 2000
- - - - -

OH134- David Yoder m. Catharine High (Jan.1,1786-Sep.3,1845)
moved to White Deer Twp, Union Co., 1815. d. Jan 1826
Catherine bur. Klopp-Clapp Cemetery, White Deer Cem.
(David Jotter m. Catharina Hoch of Oley 6/8/1805 at Schwartzenwald
Reformed Church)
+OH1341- Joshua b. 1806
+OH1342- Samuel b. Jul.3,1807
OH1343- David b. c1809 died young
+OH1344- Moses (4/1/1810 Oley, BP- )
OH1345- Benneville b. c1812 died young
+OH1346- Isaac b. c1815
OH1347- Aaron b. c1816
OH1348- Eliza b. c1818
OH1349- Phoebe b. c1820 m. Jeremiah Taylor
OH134a- Anna b. c1822 m. Frederick Dersham
(? m.6/13/1844 Lewis Dersham,Central Pa marriages)
(David Yoder was a carpenter and cabinet-maker and he had a very large business. he
was also know as the maker of pianos. One of these pianos was in the home of Dr. Piper
of Milton , Pa. David Yoder married Catherine HIGH, and together they had ten
children. Descendants of David YODER can be traced through seven generations, some
whom still reside in the area ; Mrs. Julia Wagner HUFF of Watsontown, Pa; The late
Cyrus Wagner of Norristown, Pa.; The late George Wagner ( 4th generation)
Kent Leinbach; Milton & Emeline Leinbach Armstrong are children of Yoder Leinbach
& Mabel Wagner.-, Brigitte, recd 7/8/1996)

OH1341 Joshua Yoder (b. 2.10.1805 Oley Twp, d. 16.6.1871) farmer
m 1835 Elizabeth Brown
(1811-1884) daughter of William and Jane Brown
lived 1850 Washington Twp., Lycoming Co. d. 6/16/1871
bur. Washington Presbyterian Church, Union Co., PA
(Heber G.Gearhart Collection-Gen. Soc. of Pa)
OH13411- Catherine b. c1838 PA
OH13412- Martha (1839 Pa-1915) m. 1862 Cyrus McCormick
+OH13413- David b. c1844 PA
+OH13414- William (Jul.30,1845 Lycoming,Pa- Dec.22, 1905
Appleton City, MO) m. Mar.3,1871 Mary LaDora Artman
(9/9/1852 Pa-1/23/1925 Appleton City, Mo)
OH13415- Mary b. c1847 PA
OH13416- Sarah b. c1849 PA
OH13417- Henriette b. c1853 PA

?OH13413 David Yoder (10/14/1848-7/8/1897 res Rabersburg, Center Co
buried Brethern Cemetery, Eastville, Pa) m 3/29/1868
(near Wolfs Stove PA) Amanda Brungart (c1851-
11/11/1927) res Greenburr, Clinton Co 1897
(?1880 Centre Miles Twp; Pension file Civil War)
OH134131 Elizabeth (b c1871)
OH134132 Catherine J (b c1875)
OH134133 Emma S (b c1878)

OH13414- William Brown Yoder (7/30/1843 Lycoming Co,Pa-
12/22/1905 Appleton City,Mo) m 3/7/1871 ? Union Co
Mary LaDora Artman (9/9/1852 Lycoming Co.,Mo-
1/23/1925 Appleton City, St.Claire Co,Mo)
(Marli Yoder charts)
OH134141- Martha Hill (1/6/1872 Union Co.,Pa- ) m 5/6/1896
Arch Fulton Duncan
OH134142- Elizabeth "Betty Blanche" (9/2/1873 Union Co.,Pa-
9/18/1932) m 7/13/1904 Thomas Burns (4/2/1869-
12/23/1938 Appleton City, Mo.) bur. Appleton City Cem.
OH134143- William Brown Jr. (8/24/1875 Union Co.,Mo-
7/13/1963) m. 12/30/1908 Lena Louise Gilbert
OH134144- Florence Miller (12/8/1878 St. Claire Co,Mo-
1/1/1972) m. 12/30/1907 Charles D. Nixon
OH134145- Mary Hammond (11/29/1879 St.Claire Co.,Mo-
11/29/1928) m. 1915 James Gaines West ( -1928)
OH134146- Harold (10/31/1880 St.Claire Co.,Mo-10/8/1885)
+OH134147-Charles Leroy (10/3/1882 St. Claire Co.,Mo-
9/7/1927) m Nina _____
OH134148- Robert Hill (4/12/1885 St. Claire Co.,Mo-
2/10/1963) m Buena Jane Jones
OH134149- Frank (8/3/1890 Appleton, Mo-10/25/1965
St Louis,Mo) m. 11/24/1921 St. Louis,Mo
Ruth Allen Christian (11/2/1903 St. Louis-
7/26/1974 St.Louis)

OH134147-Charles Leroy Yoder (10/3/1882 St. Claire Co., Mo- 9/7/1927) m (3rd of 4 husbands) Nina Fancy Mabel Cochran (10/19/1888 Pettis County, Mo- 12/-/1973 Kansas City, Mo) (She married (1) HARRY SLAWSON. She married (2) J.M. RENO. She married (3) CHARLES LEROY YODER, son of WILLIAM YODER and MARY ARTMAN. She married (4) WEIKAL. By h2 had GLENN E. RENO, b. 21 March 1907, Missouri; d. 06 March 1993, Leavenworth, Kansas.) .)(Info from Chuck Cochran, Tonopah, AZ, Aug. 2005)
OH1341471- LEROY J. YODER (8/12/1914, Sedalia, Mo- 3/14/2001, Warsaw, Mo.) He married (1) VIVIAN. He married (2) MARYBEL GETT. She was born 19 September 1919. He married (3) MARTHA ANN SHANKS 1946 in Kansas City, Missouri. She was born 20 April 1927 in Maryville, Missouri, and died 01 December 1980.
OH1341472- GLEN YODER.
OH1341473- FRED YODER.

OH1342 Samuel Yoder m. 1831 Sarah Mackey
can't spot in census

OH1344 Moses Yoder (4/1/1810 Oley, BP- ) m1. 1834 Elizabeth Ranck
( -11/23/1848) (Eliz. bur. Klopp Cem , White Deer Twp, Union Co.)
m2 7/28/1854 Mrs. Nancy (Ann)(Fowler) Van Wagner (2/21/1818- ),
moved with parents to Union Co 1815- New Columbia,
Purchased store at White Deer Mills 1864 , postmaster 1876
by wife 1- no issue?
OH1344.. - ? Anna b. c1843 PA (res. with 1860)
OH13441- Kate Datesman b. 5/7/1855 m. 12/27/1876 Cyrus
Leinbach (2 children)
(Accompanied his parents to Union County , Pa. in 1815 where they settled in White
Deer Township , and purchased some 60 acres of land , selling it off in lots at a very
reasonable price to bring settlers to the area. Here they had laid out the village of New
Columbia , Union County, Pa.

Moses attended school until his father's death occured, at that time Moses was only 14
years old. Moses had to strike out on his own learning how to care for himself. He
worked a farm for $6.00 a month . Later he became a cooper. At the age of 18 he became a mason
working on the construction of the Pennsylvania Canal. He became a master mason and carried on
successfully for some twenty years or so.He later went into the mercantile business with John
DATESMAN in Watsontown, Pa. Northumberland County. Moses later bought and ran the canal boat
DATESMAN & YODER for one season .

He then went on to spend some time prospecting in the West. He returned back to Pa.
settling in Black Hole , Lycoming County, Pa. and he worked as a storekeeper for eight

In 1864 Moses returned to White Deer Township and purchased a store building and
business at White Deer Mills. In 1872 Moses YODER was appointed post-master by a
Republican administration . He was a Democrat. In 1875 he was nominated for register
and recorder but was defeated.

Elizabeth RANCK married Moses YODER in 1834. She died Nov. 23,1848 after a
childless marriage . July 28,1854 Moses married Nancy Ann (FOWLER) VAN
WAGNER , and they had a daughter Kate Datesman YODER born May 7, 1855. Nancy
Fowler YODER's father was James Fowler. He was a builder and engineer having run
the first engine on the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad.

In 1845 Moses YODER joined the Lutheran Church which he actively participated even
at age 75 he was still an active member of the church, plus still carrying on the business
of his store in White Deer Mills , where he remained until his final resting days.

Moses Yoder died April 2, 1888 in White Deer , and is buried Watsontown , Pa. at the
watsontown Cemetery . Also buried on the plot of Moses Yoder are his wife Nancy who
died June 2,1919 at the age of 95y. 3m. 11d. , also buried on the plot are:
step daughter Anna Carneila VANWAGNER LYNN who was born Oct. 5,1844 and
died Oct. 12,1912 in Union County, Pa. ,Anna's husband Isaac LYNN born Nov 4,1842
died July 1893 in Union County, Pa. , also daughter Kate Datesman (Yoder)
LEINBACH born May 7,1855 died 1905 and her husband Cyrus Leinbach born 1852
died 1922 .

Child of Kate Datesman Yoder LEINBACH and Cyrus LEINBACH a daughter Mabel I.
Leinbach who married Frank WAGNER of White Deer , Pa. Union County.
from : From:, Brigitte, recd 7/8/1996)
- - - - - - - - - -

OH1346- Issac A. Yoder, MD (8/28/1814-5/27/1872 Died Red Bank N.J)
Deborah FOWLER (July 26,1812- >1880) issued one daughter .
1860 Cen. Lycoming Co, Deborah alone by 1880
OH13461- Ann E. b. c1852 PA

- - - - - - - - - - - -
OH135- Abraham Yoder
OH135- Abraham b. 1768
(? Abraham Jotter m. 18 Nov 1792 Hanna Lies of Oley , Schwartzwald
Luth Church by Rev. Boos )

From Dick Yoder of Bechtelsville
Hi Chris,

I'm going to send some of the backup information for this via mail . I know some of it I sent quite sometime ago , however I want to coordinate everything for you since you have so many Yoder branches to follow.

I will put the Upper Mahantango info. at the bottom of this .

Norwegian township , Sch. Co. was founded in 1811 from Berks Co. The tax records for Norwegian twsp. first show Abraham Yoder there in 1817 . Each year there was a different tax assessor , two of whom wrote in German which didn't help me . Abraham was the township tax assessor in 1818 . ( I'm enclosing a copy of it ).
1817 --he was assessed at $400 ,
1818 " $670 and taxed $1.01
1819 the same
1820 shows him with 170 acres assessed at $250 ????
1821 same
1822 he vanishes

I went to the index of Common Pleas Defendants and found :Docket #1 1812 42-P23
#2 1815 27-P79
#2 1816 5-P125
#2 1816 9-P127
#2 1816 44-P142
#3 1818 19-P103
#3 1818 20-P103
#4 1821 110-P316
#5 1821 38-P63

All the judgements were against Abraham.

In the 1820 census it lists Ab. with 1male 0-10 ; 1 male 11-16 1 male 45+ 1 female 11-16 ; 1 female 45

The only Ab I have who fits this age is OH 135.

Upper Mahantango twsp.
assessment tax

1811 Abraham jr. 378 1.4
Abraham 390 1.7
Peter 311 .83
George 500 1.38
John 250 3.15

1812 George , Ab. jr. , Ab , Anthony , John

single men listed George --wheelwright 265 acres All listed as residents ---Non-resident owners were listed
' ' Anthony 64 acres and 1 horse

1813 same as above except that George and Anthony are remived from the single men list .

1814 same as above except another George is listed and that Abraham was the tax assessor

1815 same as above except that Peter is listed as the tax assessor
Ab is assessed at 619

1816 Henry is assessed at 619 ( same as Ab 1815 ??) and one Ab is deleted and a single David Yoder is added

1817;1818;1819 missing

1820 Anthony , Solomon , Peter , Ab jr., Geo and David

1823 same above except Ab jr. is listed as having 3 horses , 5 cows and a grist mill , George is listed as having 5 cows and a sawmill. The Ab. jr. must be the son of George since Georged deeded the mill to his son Ab. in the will he made in 1817.

The reel of microfilm went on for many more years , I stopped here.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

OH14- Peter Yoder m. 12/7/1762 1st Reformed Church Philadelphia
Eve Levan ( - will made 9/21/1819,probated 11/5/1819)
will made 9/8/1809, probated 10/16/1809.
(Peter Yoder m. Eva Levan 12/7/1762 both from Berks Co by
Rev. Frederich Rothenbuehler)
OH141- Susanna b. m. 11/3/1789 Daniel Hoch (10/29/1755-
10/7/1835) d. <9/8/1809 bur Zion Union Ch.
(Susanna Jotter of Oley m. 11/3/1789 Daniel Hoch at Schwartzenwald
Reformed Church)
OH142- Catherine b. m1. ______ Wildbahn m2. Joseph
Levan d. >1809 < 9/21/1819
OH143- Hannah b. 11/3/1767 m. 12/18/1787 Jacob Schraeder
(Schroeder) d. May 1,1853 85y-5m-29d
Pleasantville Union Cemetery
OH144- Anna Maria b. 7/7/1773 m. 6/21/1791 Jacob Focht (Vogt)
d. 3/13/1863 Huff's Union Church, Hereford Twp. Berks
(Anna Maria Jotter of Oley m. Jacob Vogt 6/21/1791 at
Schwartzenwald Reformed Church)
+OH145- John b. m. Sep.1,1803 Schwartzwald Church
Catharine Levan d. >1819 (recd 168 acres Oley in
fathers will)
(Johannes Jotter m. Catharina Levan of Oley 9/1/1803 at
Schwartzenwald Reformed Church)
+OH146- Jacob- b. (John to give brother $2,000 per fathers

OH145- John b.5/26/1778 m. 9/1/1805 Catherine Levan ( -?1848)
d. 11/21/1820 42y 2m 25d estate settled 1826
7s 5d (3 dead by 1823), bur. Pleasantville Union Cemetery
(Per Reading Adler- "John Yoder of Oley tswp. in his 43rd year
OH1451- Hannah Jan.28,1804 Oley Lutheran (Christ) Church
m. Jun.9,1822 " " to William Antrim
d. 6/12/1868 Oley Cem. Old Ref. part
+OH1452- Isaac b. 7/3/1805
OH1453- Maria (?b. 8/15/1807 m. 8/25/1829 Trinity Luth.
Reading John Edleman d. 12/7/1890 Friedensburg Cem.
OH1454- Peter b. Apr.18,1809 m. Elizabeth __ (? prob. Peter
m. Eliza Focht 10/20/1833 at 1st Ref. Ch. Reading) d.
8/2/1834 23y 3m 14d had land in Exeter Twp. Bro. Isaac
Admin estate. bur. Pleasantville Union Cem.
OH1455- Sarah b.10/14/1810 m. 2/2/1828 Jacob Hill
(d.11/9/1880) d. 1883
+OH1456- Gideon b. 9/15/1812 Oley Twp
+OH1457- Benneville b. 7/7/1814 Oley Twp
OH1458- John b.c1818
OH1459- Daniel b. 7/18/1820 d.12/31/1830 bur. Pleasantville Cem.
OH145a- son b. d. 18 Jun 1820 bur Pleasantville Cem.
OH145b- dau
OH145c- dau.

OH1452- Isaac Yoder m1. Elizabeth Schall (3/?/1804-7/4/1834 age
30y 4m 8d bur. Oley Cem.) m2 5/6/1835 by Rev. Roller (h2)
Lydia Schall Hunter (Yeager) (9/14/1809-2/29/1893 age83y 5m 15d)
Bur. Pleasantville Cemetery. Founder of "Yoderstown"
w1 OH14521- Anna b. m. 11/1/1846 Wm. Fuchs
+OH14522- John b. 3/9/1831 Christ Oley Luth Ch.
(?John m Lucitta -1860 Cen Oley- ?will 1870?-Isaac Exec)
OH14523- William b. c1833 (??Wm S of Oley m. Maria Heller of
New Hanover 2/8/1852)
OH14524- Elizabeth b. c1836 m. ________ Stufflet
OH14525- Catherine b. 4/28/1829 Delongs Ref.Ch. Bowers, Max.Twp.
d. 2y 7m 14d
w2 +OH14526- Henry Samuel b. 4/13/1839 m. 3/24/1860 Trinity Lutheran
Ch. Reading Hannah Cleaver (12/3/1843-6/17/1930)
d. 4/15/1917 78y 0m 2d . Pleasantville Cem.
+OH14527- Aaron S. b. c1842 (with Elizabeth Shall 1850)
m. 11/16/1861 Fanny Orth at 1st Ref Ch. Reading( - 9/18/1887
age 45) d.12/7/1888 res. 1880 Reading, bur. 1st UCC Reading
OH14528- Peter S. (?b. 1841 d. 11/26/1927)
+OH14529- Edmund S. b. 1844 m. Emily B Swarger d. 1871
+OH1452a- Mayberry S. b. 8/16/1846
OH1452b- Mary A. b. c1849 (same as Amanda?)
OH1452c- Amanda S. b. (c1848-? 1860 cen with OH119) m. ______
OH1452d- Sarah b. m. ______ Murray

OH14522 John Yoder (b 3/9/1831 Christ Oley Luth Ch)
m Lucitta (b c1834) (1860 Cens-Oley; 1870 will for a John
of Oley - Isacc an Exec; (?1880 Phila a John ,48, with a
daughter Lousetta (b c1872))
OH145221 Sarah (b c1852)
OH145222 James (b c1856)
OH145223 Emma (b c1859)

OH14526- Henry Samuel Yoder (4/13/1839-4/15/1917 78y 0m 2d)
m 3/24/1860 Trinity Lutheran Ch., Reading
Hannah Cleaver (12/3/1843-6/17/1930) both bur.
Pleasantville Cem.
(Holly Griffith 4/94, RichardYoder 3/95,
Leonard E.Yoder cht, Sara Dengler Cht)
OH145261- Mary Ellen (7/26/1860-4/2/1882)
+OH145262-Isaac Tobias (10/5/1861-2/17/1955) m
Hannah Tea
OH145263- Harvey Elsworth (4/29/1863-4/2/1882)
OH145264- Laura (1/1/1865- 1949) m ____ Schwavely
OH145265- Annie (6/27/1866-5/25/1949) m. ____ Jackson
OH145266- Deborah (1/2/1868- 1948) m ____ Dunlop
OH145267- Catherine (Kate) (5/2/1869- 1925) m James Stoudt
+OH145268- Henry C. (1/12/1871-9/17/1954 West Chester)
m 3/19/1895 Nora Scherer (11/23/1873-6/-/1945)
+OH145269- Edmund (10/13/1872-6/23/1942) m1.
Susan Kline Sunday (2/10/1874-5/17/1925)
m2 Lydia Knabb Latshaw
+OH14526a- William (8/2/1874-8/6/1952) m
Olga Severina Carlson (2/5/1877-8/24/1953)
OH14526b- Cleaver (6/11/1876-8/17/1930) m Virginia
Hoffner, both bur. Arlington Cem., Drexel Hill,Pa.
OH14526c- Mamie (4/16/1878-12/18/1885)
OH14526d- Walter C. (2/20/1880-10/1/1963) m. 4/21/1905
Marie Kostenbader (5/9/1882-6/30/1978)
OH14526e- James G. (9/16/1881-2/-/1947) m Beatrice _____
OH14526f- Albert (10/14/1883-8/23/1888)
OH14526g- Aaron (8/2/1885-2/11/1955) m Anna Carlson
OH14526h- Hannah (3/13/1887-2/23/1911)

OH145262-Isaac Tobias (10/5/1861-2/17/1955) m
Hannah Tea ( - ) (Clarence Obit)
OH1452621- William T. (2/2/1883- )
OH1452622- Arthur T. (5/_/1884- )
OH1452623- Florence T. (10/20/1885- )
OH1452624- Mabel T. (8/_/1887- )
OH1452625- Jennie (2/27/1889- )
OH1452626- Verna T. (2/28/1890- )
OH1452627- Margie (5/21/1892- )
OH1452628- Norma (11/24/1893- )
OH1452629- Earl (10/_/1895- )
OH145262a- Edith (5/15/1898- ) m. ____ Robert
OH145262b- Clarence T. (10/19/1899-12/4/1994) m1 Margaret Schaumburg
( - ) m2. Edna Stevens ( - )
OH145262c- James Victor (10/15/1901-4/24/1996 Phoenix, AZ) m
Elizabeth Kern Townsley ( -5/16/1972 Phoenix, AZ)

OH145268- Henry Cleaver Yoder (1/12/1871 Oley,Pa -9/17/1954 West Chester)
m 3/19/1895 (3/4/1895 per RBY) Philadelphia, Pa Nora Scherer (11/23/1873-6/-
/1945 Reading,Pa) both bur. Bertolet Cem., Oley (Sara Y. Dengler Cht '95;
Richard B Yoder Recod; Holly Griffin Cht '94; Ruth Yoder DeLong Cht;
1900-BP-Oley Twp)
OH1452681- Ada M. (4/1/1896 Philadelphia,Pa-1969 Reading,Pa) m. 8/21/1921
Oley, Pa Howard G. Manwiller (4/5/1893-1972) (Sara Dengler Cht)
OH1452682- Walter Reuben (11/1/1899-7/_/1978 (SNN)) m 3/17/1923
Presbyterian Chapel, Wilmington,Del Elizabeth Berry (7/20/1905- ) (Richard
B Yoder record)
OH1452683- Charles (1901- ) bur. Bertolet Cem., Oley
OH1452684- Ira (1906- ) m. Dora Herbine
OH1452685- twin (unmarried) (1906-infancy) bur. Bertolet Cem,Oley.
OH1452686- Paul (1909-infancy) bur. Bertolet Cem,Oley.

OH145269- Edmund Yoder (10/13 or 12/1872 Pleasantville,Pa-6/23/1942
Birdsboro,Pa) m1. 1892 Kutztown,Pa Susan Kline Sunday (2/10/1874-
5/17/1925 Reading,Pa ) m2 Lydia Knabb Latshaw ( - ) (Stanley S. Yoder Jr
Cht '95; 1900-BP- Amity twp-as "Edwin C")
OH1452691- John Henry (2/28/1895-2/25/1987)
OH1452692- Ella (8/6/1897-7/4/1981)
OH1452693- Harvey (9/17/1902-12/27/1960)
OH1452694- Stanley Sunday (5/5/1911 Allentown,Pa-6/21/1978) m. 6/21/1930
Birdsboro,Pa Beatrice Elva Wolf (5/28/1911- )

OH14526a- William C. Yoder (8/2/1874-8/6/1952) m 3/7/1897
Olga Severina Carlson (2/5/1877-8/24/1953) (1900-Phila, Phila)
OH14526a1- William Carlson (8/3/1897-11/_/1975) m. 9/8/1923
Leah Catherine Fretz (9/9/1900-1/23/1946)
OH14526a2- Elizabeth Sophia (2/23/1899-9/8/1964) m. 2/_/1919
Howard Moyer Levan (7/30/1895-11/11/1969)
OH14526a3- adopted-born to Olga's Sister
Ivan Andrew Carlson Lundquits (9/7/1909- )

OH14527 Aaron S Yoder (c1840-12/7/1888(?sic-Aaron's will
dated 1883) bur 1st UCC Reading m 11/16/1861
(1st Ref Ch, Reading) Fanny Orth ( c1842-
9/18/1887 age 45)
(will; Records of Aaron S Leinbach; Fannie will - 2 story
house 1204 Chestnut St, Reading; 1880 B P Reading)
OH145271 Harry Elmer (b 5/12/1863)
OH145272 Kattie Elizabeth (b 11/6/1867)
OH145273 Lydia Jane (b 1/23/1875)

OH14529- Edmund S. Yoder (1844-1871) m Emily B. Swarger
(Robert D. Yoder Chts)
+OH145291- John A. (10/23/1867 Harrisburg,Pa- 2/15/1950 Reading,Pa)
m 7/12/1890 Oley,Pa Ida Fisher (1/16/1872 Oley,Pa-
9/28/1945 Reading,Pa)

OH145291- John A. Yoder (10/23/1867 Harrisburg,Pa- 2/15/1950 Reading,Pa)
m 7/12/1890 Oley,Pa Ida Fisher (1/16/1872 Oley,Pa- 9/28/1945 Reading,Pa)
(Robert D. Yoder Cht '87, Obit for Frederick)
OH1452911- Bessie (12/-/- )
OH1452912- Grace
OH1452913- Arthur
OH1452914- Edgar
OH1452915- Emily (6/-/1899- )
OH1452916 - Frederick (c1903-3/26/1996 age 93)
OH1452917- Denton F. (9/28/1908 Reading,Pa- ) m. 3/30/1929 Reading,Pa
Leona P. Mosser (10/5/1906- ) res Mohnton,Pa as of 1996
OH1452918- Margaret ( - ) m. Clive Raezer ( - ) res. Shillington,Pa
as of 1996
OH1452919- Frances ( - ) m ___ McDonald ( - ) res. Reading,Pa.

OH1452a Mayburry S Yoder (8/16/1846-1/29/1928 bur Pleasantville Cem)
tinsmith,m Matilda (Otillia) Dierolf (5/25/1847-4/1/1926)
(RHY chts; 1880 Cens - Berks Oley; Berks Co Bio; Christ Oley
Luth Ch (1821-88); Friedens Church)
+OH1452a1 Frederick D (b 11/7/1867) m Mary Jane Fegley both bur
Friedens Evang Luth, Oley
+OH1452a2 Samuel D (b 11/8/1869) m 12/1/1892 Alice C Snyder (b
6/18/1868) no children
OH1452a3 Amanda D (1873-1941 bur Oley Cem - Twin Churches)
m Albert H Hertzog (1868-1949)
+OH1452a4 Frank D (b 4/21/1875 Pleasantville)
m 3/10/1894 Jennie Marsteller
OH1452a5 Lydia (b c1877) m William Hoffner(Heffner) of Reading
OH1452a6 Rebecca (10/3/1878-4/4/1889 bur Pleasantville Cem)

OH1452a1 Frederick D. Yoder (11/7/1867- ) m
Mary Jane Fegley ( - ) both bur Friedens Evang Luth, Oley
(1900- BP, Oley)
OH1452a11- Sadie ( c1893- )
OH1452a12- Laura (2/-/1896- )

OH1452a2 Samuel D. Yoder (11/8/1869- 1939) m 12/1/1892
Alice C Snyder (6/18/1868(1869)-1936) no children Oley Cem (Twin Churches)

OH1452a4- Frank D. Yoder (4/21/1875 Pleasantville,Pa-3/2/1951 age 75 )
m 3/10/1894 Jennie Marsteller ( -9/3/1949 age 71) bur. Oulenbach Cem.,
Reading,Pa (1900- BP-Oley)
OH1452a41- Mabry (10/-/1894- )
OH1452a42- Becky (aka Emily?) (1/-/1897- )
?OH1452a42-- Emily M. ( -living as of 6/27/1997) m.
Lester Kuser ( - ) res. Douglassville, Pa.
OH1452a43--Edwin M. (2/-/1900 Oley, Pa-6/27/1997) m. Florence D. Danner
( -3/13/1976)

OH1456 Gideon Yoder m. 9/13/1838 Anna Haines (c1818 - 3/20/1901 )
d. Apr.26,1889 both bur. Trexlertown, Lehigh Co., PA
(Note: 1817 Fraktur for Anna, daughter of Benjamin "Heintz" and his wife
Maria Linnig, born 6/8/1817 Macungie Twp, Lehigh Co., Pa, was baptized
6/16/1817 by Pastor Fuller. The godparents were the parents themselves.
Added later underneath "She married Gideon Yodder on 9/13/1838")
OH14561- Peter Benjamin b.6/22/1839 d. 1910
(The YNL has the Fraktur birth record from this "Benjamin" as of 2000.
He was christened on Aug. 4, 1839)
+OH14562- William H. b. 7/12/1845 m. Edemena Hummel
d. 12/1/1929

OH14562- William H. Yoder (7/12/1845-12/1/1929) m
Edemena Hummel (c1847- )
(1880 Lehigh Co.,Upper Mac.Twp, Trexlertown)
OH145621- Anna (c1876- )
OH145622- Harriet (c1877- )

OH1457- Benneville Yoder m. Eliza Heintz (sister of Gideons
wife) (8/5/1819- 1/4/1894) d. 11/7/1885 Trexlertown
St. Paul's Cem., Trexlertown .
OH14571- Mary A. b. 3/21/1844 m. J.T. Hertzog (2/8/1835-
1/4/1914) d. 1/5/1911

OH146- Jacob Yoder b. m. Maria
Whitehall twp., NH/Lehigh Co 1810.
"of Oley twp Purchased land in Whitehall Twp, Lehigh Co. Apr.1810"
Bro-in-law Joseph Levan witness to 1810 deed
(Northumberland County--11 Apr 1815- Jacob Yoder of Whitehall
Twp, Lehigh Co, Pa. bought 151 acres on West branch of
Susquehana River in Northumberland Co, Pa)
OH1461- girl b. 1800-1810
OH1462- Judith b. 1/22/1811 Whitehall Twp.
OH1463- Elizabeth b. 10/9/1812 " "
OH1464- Peter b. 5/3/1814
OH146- Jacob Yoder b. 1783 m. Mary Sterner ( c1792-2/12/1863) resident
Union Co.,PA 1830,1840,1850 d. 4/11/1864 Lewisburg, letter of admin.
dated 4/19/1864 to John S., both bur. Lewisburg Cem. (Per NR Yoder-
"family story about a run-away Mennonite boy")
(References: Mr & Mrs. Walter Moore chart, and 1995 book; NR Yoder data;
1830 Union Co., Buffalo; 1840-Union Co., Buffalo; 1850-Union Co; Estate Records;
Central Pa Marriages; Union Co. Cems.; Union Co. Wills; Dunkelberger Family
in America-1980 by S J Turner)
OH1461- girl b. 1800-1810
OH1462- Judith b. 1/22/1811 Whitehall Twp.
OH1463- Elizabeth b. 10/9/1812 " "
+OH1464- Peter b.
+OH1465- Nathaniel b. 10/30/1815
+OH1466- Charles Sterner b. 11/29/1817
OH1466- Mary A. b. m. _____ James res. E. Buffalo Twp as of 1867
+OH1467- Jacob S. b. 1822
+OH1468- John S. b. 4/10/1825

OH1464- Peter Yoder b. c1810-20 m1. Eve Best b. PA m2. 4/23/1866
Freeport,IL Mrs. Eliza A. Elliott, ? 1840 Clinton Co., PA
bought 80 acres in Dakota Twp, Stephenson Co.,IL 7/10/1848;
1860 Stephenson Co Census- "Peter Yarder" Buckeye; Dakota
Village 1869-first village President. No wife shown 1860.
(Levi, John, Andrew and Mary Jane were all living as of the
Auditors report of their mother's estate (Clinton Co., PA
Book A pg 198, dated 5/17/1869)
(References: Freeport City Directory 1867-8; Nancy A. Hartmanresearch;
Allen Yoder III cht'90; 1880 Randolph Co, Sparta; 1900 Mo Census, St Louis)
+OH14641- Levi S. b. 4/1838 PA m. Sarah J. (12/43 MO- )
res. St. Louis, Mo 1900- showed daughters
OH14642- -John B. b c1840 PA
+OH14643- Andrew B. b. 5/16/1843 Clinton Co.,PA. member
GAR m. Ada L. Morton d. 5/28/1916 St. Louis, MO
(1860 Stephenson Co Census-
OH14644- Mary Jane b c1850 IL m. Cornelious Biglow

OH14641- Levi S. Yoder (4/1838 PA-7/25/1900) at death lived at
2100 N. 11th, St.Louis, Mo.) m. Sarah J. (12/43 MO- )
m. Sarah Jane ____ (12/-/1843 Mo- )
(1880-Sparta, Randolph Co., Il; 1900- Census- St. Louis with
granddaughters Susan Smith and Lorena J. Smith)
OH146411- Suzy (c1869 Mo- )
OH146412- Alice J. (4/-/1872 Mo- )
OH146413- Levi (c1875 Oh- )

OH14643- Andrew B. Yoder (5/16/1843 Clinton Co.,PA-.5/28/1916
St. Louis, MO) member GAR m. Ada L. Morton (
(1860 Stephenson Co Census)
OH146431- George Clark (9/13/1880-8/7/1954 Il) m. 2/10/1904
Sora Elizabeth Herter
OH146432- Charles B. (3/-/1884- )
OH146433- Eva M. (Maude) (4/-/1887-4/9/1942) m.
Hugh Elder
OH146434- Allen Lee (11/19/1892 St. Louis, Mo-10/5/1960 St. Louis,Mo)
m. St. Louis Amelia B. Zopfl

OH1465- Nathaniel Yoder m. 12/25/1849 Mary Fisher (12/8/1825-2/27/1896)
d. 1/11/1902 both bur. New Berlin Cem.
OH14651- Sarah C. b. 1850 m. Joel Baker d. 1901
OH14652- Emma J. b. 1852 m. E.D. Keene d. 1934
OH14653- Mary Annie b. 1854 m. Newton Chambers d.
OH14654- Charles Fisher b. 7/4/1858 m. Emma Jane Leitner
d. 4/28/1926 bur. Ordinance Grounds near Allenwood, PA

OH14654- Charles Fisher Yoder (7/4/1858-4/28/1926 bur. Ordinance Grounds
near Allenwood, PA) m. 8/1/1880 Emma Jane Leitner (6/-/1862- )
(1900-Lycoming Co, Washington Twp)(Ancestors and Family of
Charles Fisher Yoder, by Mae and Walter Moore)
OH146541- Mary Elizabeth (11/24/1880-6/9/1968 bur. St James Luth. Cem.
Turbotville, Pa) m. 3/30/1905 Clark E. Murray (1/19/1885-1/10/1945)
OH146542- George Luther (3/28/1882-2/13/1904 bur Ordinance Grounds)
OH146543- Wilbert Edgar (9/14/1883-7/29/1958 bur Watsontown, Pa Lot 22
block 24) m1. 6/10/1909 Bessie Emma Mincemoyer (10/26/1882-5/26/1924
bur Watsontown,Pa) m2. Carrie Shook (3/24/1890-4/19/1975)
OH146544- Conard Elmer (3/22/1885-1/30/1968 Pa bur. Harmony Cem,
Milton, Pa) m. 6/4/1913 Blanche Ringer (11/23/1884-3/30/1970)
OH146545- Harry Norman (10/5/1886-3/-/1931 Pa (SSN)) m. Clarobel
Leimbach (9/1/1886-6/30/1961) no children
OH146546- Annie Grace (2/21/1888-12/27/1980 bur. Watsontown,Pa)
m. Harry R. Mincemoyer (5/25/1888-7/24/1931)
OH146547- Howard (12/4/1890-4/6/1993 Pa bur. Watsontown,Pa)
m. 5/16/1922 Lera Marshall (11/20/1893-6/26/1974)
OH146548- Nathaniel (1/1/1892-2/17/1931 Pa bur. St. James Luth Cem
Turbotville, Pa) m. 12/2/1916 Neta Ruth Lindauer (6/11/1896-
OH146549- Ambrose (10/1/1894-11/23/1980 bur. Roseland Park,
Royal Oak, Mi) m. Myrtle C. Harman (10/20/1895-11/26/1981)
OH14654a- Newton Boyd (2/9/1896-11/5/1897 bur. Alvira, Pa)
OH14654b- Palmer Burns (10/4/1899-1/20/1967 bur. St James Luth Cem
Turbotville, Pa) m. Sarah Catherine Zettlemoyer (11/17/1902-
OH14654c- Verna Mae (7/7/1901- ) m. 6/9/1926 Laurence Uriah
Hartranft (1/17/1898-3/10/1976 bur. St James Luth Cem Delaware Run
Watsontown, Pa.
OH14654d- Charles Harold (6/3/1904-3/18/1972 bur lot 767, Montoursville Cem.
Montoursville, Pa) m. 6/9/1926 Mabel Winifred Fry (3/13/1905- 1987)

OH1466- Charles Sterner Yoder m. Mary Ann Brown (7/30/1822-10/15/1885KS)
moved 1872 to Montour Co.,PA in 1885 to Cheney Co.,KS d. 8/10/1895 both died Cheney, Sedgwick Co., KS carpenter, Reformed Church both bur. CHENEY PIONEER CEMETERY, Sedgwick County, Kansas
OH14661- Margaret Ann b. 7/27/1842 PA
OH14662- Caroline b. 8/28/1844 PA d. before 1860
OH14663- Williame E. b. 12/11/1847 d. before 1860
OH14664- Herman Brown b. 3/25/1853 Lewisburg, m. 1875
Strawberry Ridge, Montour Co.,PA to Mary Alice Herr (7/30/1822-10/15/1885)
d. 2/6/1922 Cheney, Sedgwick Co.,KS both bur. CHENEY PIONEER CEMETERY,
Sedgwick County, Kansas
- - - - - - - - - - - -
CHENEY PIONEER CEMETERY, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Born died row
Yoder Alice 26 May 1858 16 Oct 1933 D 25
Yoder Anna 1878 1964 C 60
Yoder Charles Sturner 29 Nov 1817 10 Aug 1895 D 26
Yoder Clarence 20 Nov 1885 D 26
Yoder David Edgar 1878 1899 D 25
Yoder Elwood C. 11 Sep 1897 14 Aug 1982 E R1 5
Yoder Harris 29 Aug 1903 29 Aug 1903 C 19
Yoder Harrold 24 Jul 1904 24 Jul 1904 C 19
Yoder Herman B. 1853 1922 D 25
Yoder Maggie R. 10 Aug 1890 D 26
Yoder Mary A. 30 Jul 1822 15 Oct 1885 D 26
Yoder Robert H. 26 Feb 1877 Dec 1966 C 60
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OH1467- Jacob S. Yoder m1. ? m2. 5/19/1859 (or 2 Mar)
Margaret Catherine Kohler (1831- ) d.1881 bur.New Berlin Cem.
OH14671- John b. 1852
OH14672- Priscilla b. 1853
OH14673- Andrew b. 1861
OH14674- Gertrude b. 1863
OH14675- Kate (Cate) b. 1865 d. 1917 bur. New Berlin Cem.
OH14676- Oscar b. 1867 d. 1872 bur. New Berlin Cem.
OH14677- Edward W. b. 1870 d. 1919 bur. New Berlin Cem.
OH14678- Cloyd North b. 1873 d. 1881 bur. New Berlin Cem.

OH1468- John Sterner Yoder m. Elizabeth Dunkelberger (4/4/1830- 5/25/1893
age 63) d. 10/19/1888 both bur. Lewisburg Cem.
(Dunkelberger Family in America-1980)
OH14681- Mary Magdalene "Maggie" (3/29/1852- 4/5/1874, buried
Lewisburg Cem) m. Thomas L. Makey
+OH14682- William E. (12/6/1853-10/6/1904) m. Annie E. Hempfield
OH14683- Ida (12/24/1855-1/23/1934) m. Frank Catherman (9/24/1854-
OH14684- Annie (twin) (4/30/1858-8/25/1858)
OH14685- Ida (twin) (5/1/1858-8/6/1858)
OH14686- Kate (8/21/1860-9/23/1867)

OH14682- William E. Yoder (12/6/1853-10/6/1904) m. Annie E. Hempfield
(12/22/1856-9/27/1927) (1900-Union Co, Lewisbburg)
OH146821- Guy (9/-/1879-1945) m Margaret Houghton- no issue
OH146822- Jacob (1881-1938) m Cora Bartholomew- no issue
OH146823- Paul (1885- ) m Elsie Snyder res Millersburg, Pa
(two children William E. and Mary Ellen)


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