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June 11, 2016


added the PDF version of Everyname INdex - Volumes 25–50


Click here to see EVERYNAME INDEX - Volumes 25–50 - PDF, no internal links


January 7, 2015Happy New Year!

NEW LINKS (January, 2015) Consolidated issues of YNL can be purchased on-line. Order directly from Createspace by clicking on the links below:

After the first 25 issues, we published a consolidated hardcopy volume. We are pleased to be able to re-publish this volume, thanks to the capabilities of an company called "Createspace" who do print-on-demand as orders come in.

Volumes 125, Edition 2; https://www.createspace.com/5154791

and now for the first time, a second volume of the next 25 issues of the Yoder Newsletter.

Volumes 2650; https://www.createspace.com/5051725




Dec 8, 2014:

Added the PDF versions of YNL61 and YNL 62.


November 10, 2014:

A report to the September 2014 National Yoder Reunion, "What we learned in the first 30 Years of YNL."


September 17, 2013 --- YNL57, 58, 59, and 60 now available on line; in both text and PDF formats through the NEWSLETTERS index.


PDF -- New Feb. 4, 2013

Letters between the sons of YR23331- Yost Yoder, including future Cong. S. S. Yoder, his brothers Dr. Noah and Jocelyn.-- Thanks to descendant Barbara Kissell. Barb says, "Here are the letters that Sam Yoder wrote to his brother Jocelyn. He was a very caring and warm brother. Enjoy."

January 15, 2013


A Pennsylvania Yoder Reunion - likely sometime between 1914 and 1923. Click here to view larger image.

1947 Reunion - a report in booklet format/PDF - interesting family record.

"Yoder Family Songbook 1938" - published by J. W. Yoder, author of Rosanna of the Amish; used at a reunion held at Kishacoquillas Park near Lewistown, PA.

JANUARY 14, 2013 - changes:

In the Index to Indexes "Family Associations" now reads "Family Associations & Reunions".

The page "famas.html" has been reorganized to separate the reunions from the family associations.

The link to the North Carolina Reunion, summer 2012, has been moved off the welcome page. access to that info. is through the 'Family Associations & Reunions' button.

Info about the planned Reuben Yoder reunion is on the 'Family Association & Reunions' page with a button on the welcome page for access.

Added the pdf for the 1947 reunion in Kansas.

Reoganized and grouped the files from the '06 reunion.

Nov. 26, 2012 -YNL 53,54,55,56 html versions now linked and readable on the website.

Nov.3, 2012- Created these links:

  1. Oley Reformed Yoder Stories- by Dick Yoder


October 30, 2012 - Reunion 2012 - first reports


October 24, 2012 - finished the Welcome page, and fixed the Guestbook so it works again.

October 20, 2012 - renovation continues, index lists now in place, ready for checking to make sure everything goes where it is supposed to go.


October 15, 2012 - renovation of website begun


Another additional set of files - August, 2012

http://www.yodernewsletter.org/YNCBOOK/Conrad.htm -- Conrad Yoder Family notes

NEW LINKS (November, 2011) "YB-Karolyn Roberts pages on Hans of Great Swamp"


Additional file - November, 2011

OY42413- Lorenzo Thomas Yoder (5/13/1847-2/20/1926) by Elcy Brooks - a pdf file

Updated files - September, 2011

MELCHIOR Yoder --- Melchior Yoder of Montgomery and Snyder Co, PA and his known or suspected descendants in six parts. --- Expanded and Presented by Donald G. Honeywell, September 2011

 New April 2010 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Two generational update files, "in process" to add Amish line couples married by 1920:

1. Families married by 1920

2. More families married by 1920

 Anabaptists of Weiler, Germanshof and Langenberg - new, April, 2010

" Death Register of Steiffisburg, Switzerland 1728-1792" -- NEW, April, 2009
New Links - added March 3, 2009


- Descendants of Nickolaus Yoder (Melchior Yoder line)- working files of Mary Lou Cook



-Descendants of Johannes Yeater - 20 JUL 2001, by T. Vernon Anderson


August, 2008 -- added -- Michel Yoder barn restoration in Ohio --- NEW August, 2008

August, 2008 -- added link to Yoder Oregon --- "On-line Tour of Yoder, Oregon"


March 1, 2008 - added -- Yoder Obituaries

JANUARY 5, 2008 - added -- BenDYoder Story.pdf

January 5, 2008 --- New Project in the works: Yoders in "Find a Grave"


August 22, 2007 -- added -- YNL49, text and PDF


Feb. 4, 2007 -- added -- National Yoder Reunion -- October 19-22, 2006 ----- More Photos from the reunion

January 25, 2007 -- added -- National Yoder Reunion -- October 19-22, 2006 ----- Photos from the reunion


January 5, 2007 -- added -- GENEALOGY OF THE YODER FAMILY - Upper Saucon Twsp. Lehigh Co. Pa. - by Wesley J. Yoder


January 3, 2007 -- added --Yoder Article - Elkhart Truth - 1949.pdf -- file is large, be patient while it downloads



also -- put up PDF versions of YNL #1 to #48. GOTO to Welcome page and click on "Newsletters - Past Issues".


October 31, 2006 ---



OCTOBER 24, 2006 -

National Yoder Reunion -- October 19-22, 2006 -- Now History --- read REPORTS of what took place / what you missed!

August 2, 2006 - added:

Oley Yoder Chapter- "Fragments of the Past" by Peter Bertolet- 1860 -- PDF

MARCH 29, 2006 -- added a link to:

"The Amish Visit Steffisburg (in German)" ------ http://www.kirchesteffisburg.ch/archiv/amische/amische.htm
Copy and paste the "Amish Visit" URL into Babel Fish http://babelfish.altavista.com/ to see a German to English translation.

Feb 21 --- Oley Yoders -- self-guiding tour document for download from the web.

Feb 16, 2006 --- National Yoder Reunion -- October 19-22, 2006

----- Information, Registration, and Schedules

Jan. 6, 2006 --- Yoder DNA Project to be Launched --- read about it here



January 5, 2006 - YNL 46 now online

October 23, 2005 -- updated MELCHIOR2.DOC - PART 2 of this work with PDF version


October 22 -- John Yetter 1750-1823 by Mark J Serfass, October 11, 2005, in the Non-Amish section

-- added a PDF version of YNL35

-- changed the links to the Mennobits site so that it now goes to the Goshen archives site:>


<>August 14, 2005 -- added in the Biographies section ---> an article about Joseph Joder (YR12a4) originally appeared beginning of page 134 in the 1929 annual publication of the Illinois State Historical Society. The is displayed on the Yoder Hompage at www.yodernewsletter.org with permission of the ISHS, and is also will be summarized in the YNL46.

August 13, 2005 - added "Updates in Process" - to the Amish Yoder lines. File not yet merged with the existing files, gives marriages up to 1920.

June, 9, 2005 - Added a link in the Yoder store to Paul Thomas Yoder's smooth jazz website. Buy the CD!

April, 2005 -- updated in Amish Families: YR14, YR16, YR17

Feb. 26, 2005 -----YNL44 added and improved

NEW - Feb, 2005 - Chris Yoder's 1986 Photos of the Yoder Chapel in Switzerland